Free Printable Garden Journal Pages

We have been hard at work on our garden journal. I love working on this with Emily because it is very frugal, it helps connect us with nature, and it keeps her interest for long periods of time. We were successful at tricking the forsythia into blooming a bit early by bringing some branches indoors, and this afternoon we planted more seeds and updated our journal.

Many of you have shown interest in keeping a garden journal as well, so I have uploaded these journal pages I created for you to print out and keep a journal with us! They are free to download and print, and if you link to them please provide a link back to Frugal Family Fun Blog. Thanks so much and happy gardening!

Catalog Wishlist

Photos Drawings

Planning Grid

Seed Starting


  1. I love your resources! I found your blog and added the link to this page on my blog. Thanks again!