Frugal Last Minute Gift Idea for Kids — Homework Organizer

Today’s frugal last minute gift idea is a homework organizer made from an empty granola bar box, and some empty baby formula tins!  This is a great gift for school-aged kids, and will help to keep them organized too!  

To make these fabulous desk organizers, you will need:
  1. empty boxes (cereal boxes, granola bar boxes, etc. )
  2. scissors
  3. pretty paper (again I used leftovers from the festive winter journals)
  4. double-sided tape
Cut boxes to desired size, and cover with decorative paper using plenty of double-sided tape.  I left some extra for the top couple of inches inside the box as well.  Repeat with any leftover tins you may have.  Some cans have sharp edges, so be careful when working with these, and be sure to cover up any sharp edges as well.
You could also cut a cereal box on a diagonal, cover it with decorative paper and use it as a magazine holder.  We used these to hold glue, scissors, pencils, scrap paper, memo books, etc.  


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