10 Ways to Show Appreciation for Teachers

Teachers work hard to make sure their students are learning and performing their best in the classroom. Many times, teachers spend their own money on school supplies, work late hours, or take continuing education classes to stay informed. That is why I am thrilled to help spread the word about SONIC Drive-In’s #ThanksTeach campaign in support of teachers across the country during Teacher Appreciation Month in May! 10 Ways to Give Teachers Appreciation My kids are fortunate to be blessed with wonderful teachers this school year! My second grader has a teacher who continuously finds clever and engaging ways to keep her students interested in learning. My sixth grader has a team of teachers who are dedicated to helping her succeed in her first year of middle school. I am so grateful for their teachers for fostering a lifelong love of learning!! The #ThanksTeach campaign is in support of SONIC’s cause marketing program, Limeades for Learning, to benefit teachers across the U.S. during Teacher Appreciation Month. It is so easy to participate! For every Retweet, share, or unique content created and incorporating the hashtag #ThanksTeach, SONIC will donate to public school classrooms, up to $1 million in May. Fantastic!!

Here are 10 Ways to Show Appreciation for Teachers:

  1. A gift card for a coffee shop with a note saying “Thanks a latte for all you do!”
  2. A small bag of potato chips with a note attached. “Thank you for chipping in to make this school year so great!”
  3. An appreciative handwritten card or handmade bookmark from your child.
  4. Volunteer some of your time to help in your child’s classroom.
  5. Gift card for a special limeade treat from SONIC Drive-In!
  6. Donate some items for your child’s classroom. Tissues, hand sanitizer, other school supplies. Each year, teachers spend more than $1 billion of their own money on school supplies. In no other profession are leaders expected to fund their work personally in the same ways teachers are expected to each day.
  7. Basket of fresh berries with a note that says “Thank you berry much!”
  8. Bag of popcorn — Popping by to say “Thanks!”
  9. Tin of Mints — Thanks for all you do. It mint a lot to me!
  10. Hot Dog from SONIC Drive-In — Frankly, you’re an awesome teacher!

10 Ways to Show Teachers Appreciation Since 2009, SONIC has served as an advocate for teachers in local communities through its Limeades for Learning program, a national initiative in partnership with DonorsChoose.org to provide teachers with essential funds to continue inspiring creativity and learning in public school classrooms across the country. Thank you, SONIC!!


Check out the latest Hatch Kids video, sharing their #ThanksTeach moments.  


Question — Do you have a creative way to show appreciation for teachers that I did not list here? If so, I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment and share your ideas with us, and you will be entered to win a $100 Visa gift card!

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  1. CR Williams says

    I would buy a gift card to her a yogurt shop and sign, “Thank you “fro” all you do!

  2. CR Williams says
  3. Mami2jcn says

    I like the gift card idea. I homeschool so I don’t have a teacher to send a gift to.

  4. Mami2jcn says


  5. I like to get Staples gift card so teacher can get some school supplies

  6. LaTanya says

    I give out Target gift cards

  7. LaTanya says
  8. Julie Wood says

    I like this idea- Creative Juices Printable Gift Tag {Teacher Appreciation} ~ This colorful gift tag read “Thanks for sparking my creative juices this year”. Attach to a smoothie gift car, reusable tumbler, or even a pack of Juicy Fruit gum and Jamba Juice gift card. I gave this to my son’s teacher one year.

  9. Julie Wood says


  10. Kelly D says

    I usually give practical gifts like supplies the teacher can use, or a gift card.

  11. Kelly D says
  12. Jessica To says

    I have gotten teacher’s gift cards to Michael’s for supplies or just fun items.

  13. Natalie says
  14. Natalie says

    I gave my high school English teacher a massage gift card so that she could destress. Being a teacher is not an easy job!

  15. Elizabeth J. says

    This isn’t really creative, but I got my kids teachers post-it note dispensers. I definitely think getting teachers school supplies or a gift card to purchase school supplies is a nice and needed gift!

  16. Elizabeth J. says

    I hope I tweeted this correctly! Thanks! https://twitter.com/teachers_market/status/728084458432176128

  17. Jessie C. says

    We have given coffee, tea and wine baskets to teachers with labels ” our kids might be the reason you drink, this cup/bottle is on us. Enjoy and THANK YOU! ”
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  18. Jessie C. says


  19. heather says

    A creative way to show appreciation for a teacher that is not listed it to make them a gift basket full of apple items. Going back to the old apple for teacher theme. You could include things like applesauce, apples, apple body wash, apple scented candles etc.

  20. Allison Swain says

    We like to make them cute gift baskets and cards 🙂
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  21. Allison Swain says
  22. Madeline says

    I like giving a small gift card to a bookstore.

  23. Carolsue says

    A gift card for TpT (Teachers Pay Teachers) — it has all kinds of teacher-related things!
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  24. Margaret Smith says

    You have some really great ideas. We’ve made big jars with hershey kisses in them to thanks some teachers.

  25. Margaret Smith says
  26. all wonderful ideas. We have each family chip in $5 of 1 dollar bills, and the kids write on 5 pieces of money size paper of why they’re thankful for their teacher. It was complied into a “note book” of thanks! We collected $100 and 100 notes total, binded into a small book. The teacher loved it.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  27. Lisa Brown says

    Have your child make a DIY art piece for the teacher in question.

  28. Lisa Brown says


  29. Cynthia C says

    A gift card to a teacher supply store is a nice way to show appreciation.

  30. I don’t have any other good ideas.. I usually go with a gift card and child made card and note.

  31. I usually give them via gift card!

  32. I like to bake a variety of cookies and package them in a cute tin.


  33. I find inspiration on Pinterest for thank yous!

  34. I gave my son’s teachers candles this year, so that they can relax and de-stress

  35. I think the very best gift is hand written letter telling them the difference they have made.

  36. I like to give them gift cards to their favorite salon or starbucks and I include a personal note to say thanks 🙂

  37. Susan Smith says

    I usually give out gift cards or bath products to female teachers.

  38. Susan Smith says
  39. Anastasia Falling says

    A friendly email? lol You have such a thorough list, I can’t really think of anything else! Maybe some flowers? (I just love flowers, so I’ll find any excuse to give them 🙂 ) Whatever way you do it, though, showing your appreciation is so important! 🙂

  40. StephaniePhelps says

    I love to give teachers a gift card to like an online teachers supply store because most teachers love to redecorate their rooms!

  41. StephaniePhelps says
  42. I try to find out their favorite things throughout the year. (Snacks, candy, stores) and then buy them a gift basket full of their favorites.

  43. When the kids were younger my would always volunteer in the classroom, helping the kids with reading. We always donated a book to the teachers, especially ones that were just starting out. They were always very appreciative.

  44. By the end of a school year, I think a teacher could use some pampering, so a small gift basket of soaps, a loofa, and a nice hairbrush makes a useful gift (for a male teacher, a new razor and some luxurious shaving cream).

  45. Here’s my tweet sharing your blog post and Sonic’s giveaway:

  46. I am not that creative! I gave my son’s teacher a Barnes and Noble gift card and a large Yankee Candle. 🙂 I know she will love it, though!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  47. tweet–https://twitter.com/WildOrchid985/status/734763467224322048

  48. I always give gift cards

  49. I make gift baskets with beauty items.

  50. Elizabeth pergande says

    I love to get them gift cards.

  51. Elizabeth pergande says
  52. I think that flowers are always nice and a thoughtful gift to show appreciation.

  53. we made a cupcake decorated like an apple

  54. Amanda Sakovitz says

    i like getting them chocolates

  55. Amanda Sakovitz says
  56. maria cantu says

    I think gift cards are the way to go.

  57. I think those are great ideas! I have given simple necklaces to some of my kids teachers.

  58. Rebecca Graham says

    I always give a gift card to the teacher.

  59. Since I volunteer at the botanic gardens I would give a blooming plant or herb.
    Thanks for the contest.

  60. Janice Cooper says

    I like a pamper me gift basket for the teacher with bath & beauty products and a gift card to the movies or a gift card for lunch.

  61. Janice Cooper says
  62. Ellie Wright says

    I always give my boys’ teachers beautiful leather planners and a variety of nice pens.

  63. Ellie Wright says
  64. Bert Ruiz says

    We gave our kids’ teachers a mason jar tumbler with an assortment of teas. If you want to make it more special add one of these notes – Thank you for a refreshing year! or Thank you for a TEA-riffic year!

  65. Bert Ruiz says
  66. amy rouse says

    Do you have a creative way to show appreciation for teachers that I did not list here?
    Movie tickets! Everybody loves to go to the movies.

  67. amy rouse says
  68. I don’t have children in school but I like the idea of a gift card for supplies.

  69. Thomas Murphy says

    Get the teacher a GC to the spa.

  70. Thomas Murphy says
  71. Kathryn C says

    #SweepstakesEntry- comment

    a small gift basket of gourmet items- if you buy mini sizes/bags you can offer so many different types of items such as candies, crackers, cookies

  72. Kathryn C says
  73. Shawn Gallagher says

    A simple drawing!

  74. Shawn Gallagher says
  75. Faith J. says
  76. Faith J. says

    I honestly think a good old hug and a thank you for being a great teacher surfices

  77. Angel Jacklyn says

    Showing up for class, listening and participating are what teachers really want =)

  78. Angel Jacklyn says
  79. Maggie Smith says

    I give my boys’ teachers bottles of local, delicious wine. They always love it!

  80. Maggie Smith says
  81. I do not have kids of my own, so I have an adult perspective on ways to thank your own teachers, if they are still teaching. I did this and it felt so awesome. I looked up my old high school’s website (they are all online now) and found the teachers listed on there that are still teaching. I then was able to email them and thank them for what they did for me that I still appreciate as an adult. It was awesome to reconnect with them. 😀

  82. Tabathia B says

    Well we created a movie gift for her that included candy and popcorn and my daughter made a card

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  83. Tabathia B says

    tweet https://twitter.com/ChelleB36/status/737663698907627520

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  84. Erica Best says

    I love to get giftcard

  85. Erica Best says
  86. Harmony b says

    A thank you goes a long way but I try to give a creative gift at the end of the year. last year i gave them a apple gift basket, with all different apple products and an itunes gift card

  87. Harmony b says
  88. Emily N. says

    You have a pretty good list of ideas. I guess I would give fruit, such as your berry idea or the apple for the teacher concept.

  89. Emily N. says
  90. Jerry Marquardt says

    The creative way I show appreciation for teachers Is respect. My earth science teacher in high school made the biggest difference showing me that education is important.

  91. Barbara M says

    We like to give a gift card to their favorite restaurant.
    thank you

  92. Barbara M says
  93. amanda whitley says

    i like to make up a basket of items for the classroom for the following year mixed with some treats