How To Clean Up Glitter

Do you avoid craft projects that involve glitter? Are you afraid of the mess it will leave behind? Do you wish there was a quick and easy way to clean up glitter?? Hi! I’m Emily from Inner Child Fun. I’m 11 years-old and why don’t you join me for some crafty fun? In this post, I’m going to show you how to clean up glitter with this one simple trick!

Emily, age 11, shows how to clean up glitter

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How to Clean Up Glitter

How to clean up glitter from a flat hard surface:

You will need:

As you can see, I already made a mess with the glitter.

How to Clean Up Glitter -- Before

To clean up the glitter, I take some play dough, and I push it down on the glitter until I can’t push down any more. Then, I push it in together on the play dough. You may notice that you have a little bit of sparkly play dough left.

How to Clean Up Glitter

I asked my little sister if she could help and she agreed–she loves doing this!
Paper is harder though since the play dough sticks to the paper. I don’t recommend doing this clean up trick on paper. I recommend on hard, flat surfaces. It even works on your hands!

How to Clean Up Glitter (video)

When you are all done with it, I like to call it Galaxy Dough. Sparkly!!!

Here is a short video to demonstrate how easy it is to clean up glitter using this one simple trick:

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  1. Wow! You are brilliant! Our preschool class is a cleanup nightmare many days but I have to admit we have stayed away from glitter. This is such a great idea that I will definitely start allowing my little ones to use glitter on their crafts!

    I do make homemade playdough. Found a microwave recipe that is the easiest ever. 🙂
    Sinea ♥

  2. This is SO cool!! I love how the play dough looks when you are done. You did a great job Emily and Valerie!

  3. I must appreciate the way you have providing your experience to ours kids.