Learning Fun for Back to School

These activities for learning fun are perfect to help prepare the kids for back to school! With just a few more days of Summer vacation left, now would be a great time to add a bit of learning to your morning routine. I love how these learning activities are simple to set up, quick to do, and my kids were able to sneak in some learning while eating breakfast. A big thank you to our friends at Melissa & Doug for sponsoring today’s ideas for learning fun and providing us with products that make my kids look forward to learning!

Learning Fun for Back to School

Here are some of our favorite activities for learning fun:

Write-a-Mat and Learning Mat Crayons

I love that these mats can also serve as great placemats while the kids are eating their breakfast each morning. They are washable, and the Learning Mat Crayons wash away easily with a wet paper towel. There is a wide variety of mats available, and my kids are instantly drawn to them! They are especially happy when I use place cards and set the table the night before so they each have a designated spot and activity to do during breakfast. We often refer to these as “Morning Mats”, and they are definitely a favorite learning activity with my kids!

Smarty Pants

The Smarty Pants card set was a big hit with both of my kids! They love to take turns quizzing one another, and the various grade levels that are available made it easy for them to find age-appropriate questions that are a bit challenging without being overwhelming. Smarty Pants is a set of cards that contain various puzzles and brain building activities! They are available for grades Pre-K thru 5. For the Summer months, the grade recently completed is a wonderful review of things your child would probably have already learned in school, while the grade level they are going into is an excellent way to introduce new concepts. In the morning, I pick out 2-3 new cards for the kids to complete after eating their breakfast. We also use Smarty Pants while on-the-go, in waiting rooms, or while waiting in a restaurant. We love this card set!

For More Learning Fun:

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by our friends at Melissa & Doug. All opinions are my own.