Simple Ways to Love Your Child in Spring

These simple ways to love your child in Spring are great for making lasting memories you are both sure to treasure! These activities are easy to do and many do not require any preparation. Spring is the perfect season for exploring the outdoors together, fostering a love of nature, or even cuddling indoors during a rain storm. Yay for simple pleasures and quality time together!

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25 Simple Ways to Love Your Child in Spring

Here are 25 simple ways to love your child in Spring:

  1. Jump in puddles together.
  2. Read a Spring themed story book together.
  3. Buy a bouquet of flowers (or make some from tissue paper) and give them out individually to anyone who could use a smile.
  4. Explore a new-to-you park or playground.
  5. Visit the farmers market.
  6. Review what to do in case of a fire in your home.
  7. Make and fly a kite!
  8. Decorate your home for Spring.
  9. Go on a rainbow hunt and search for rainbows after a rainstorm together.
  10. Teach your child the proper way to pack a suitcase.
  11. Print out and color this free Rainbow coloring page.
  12. Blow bubbles together.
  13. Take a roll of pennies to a fountain and make lots of wishes!
  14. Go on a flower photo walk together. Later, make a scrapbook of your photos.
  15. Draw a hopscotch grid with sidewalk chalk and play!
  16. Make sure your child knows his home address and phone number.
  17. Read a story book about flowers.
  18. Make paper hats.
  19. Make bird feeders from recyclables.
  20. Go on an outdoor color hunt!
  21. Craft up some fairy doors.
  22. Print out and play this free Spring flower matching game.
  23. Play “sink or float” with various toys and household objects.
  24. Make some simple discovery bottles together.
  25. Make a bird feeder kit to give to a friend!

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Have fun!!