Simple Valentine Treats for Kids

These simple Valentine treats for kids are easy enough to be made in the last minute. These would be perfect for an impromptu celebration or Valentine’s Day party! If the kids are old enough, these would be great to prepare together for a mini life skills lesson and festive fun rolled into one!

5 Simple Valentine Treats for Kids -- I love how do-able these are!

Treat #1: Valentine Whipped Cream Shots


You will need:

Fill mini shot glasses about half way with milk. Top with whipped cream. Add sprinkles and a festive cupcake topper (optional). Serve immediately.

Simple Valentine Treats for Kids

Treat #2: Valentine Spritz Cookies

Get the full recipe and how-to here.

Simple Valentine Treats for Kids

Treat #3: Heart Shaped Tea Sandwiches and Heart Carrots

Get the full recipe and instructions to make this here.


Treat #4: Heart Shaped Pepperoni Pizza

You will need:

Cut slices of pepperoni with the heart shaped cookie cutter. Add the heart pepperoni to a slice of pizza. Garnish the plate with extra slices of heart pepperoni.


Treat #5: Snack Cakes, Pretzels, and Milk with Striped Straws

You will need:

Fill heart cupcake liners with pretzels. Add a Valentine snack cake to each plate. Serve with glasses of milk.

Other Fun Valentine Treats to Try:

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