Making Fun Family Memories

We really enjoyed our adventures in the Chevy Traverse! We had so many fun things planned for the week, and you can read about that here. A big thank you to Chevy for helping us make such fun family memories this summer!! My husband, Mark, and I were on a mission to complete 13 acts of kindness this summer, together with the kids, in celebration of our wedding anniversary. There were several features of the Chevy Traverse that helped to make that possible. What an AMAZING time it has been!!

We started by surprising some of our friends with a trip to the beach, then dropped off friends at the airport, made donations to the thrift store, and snuck in a few surprise deliveries too! It was SO much FUN, and a great way to bring our family together to make lasting memories while we helped to spread kindness to others!


Here is a little video with the highlights from our week!

Here is the full list of our acts of kindness:

1. Took friends of ours to the airport.

The Chevy Traverse has best-in-class maximum cargo space, so we had plenty of room for our friends and all of their luggage. The second and third row fold flat!

2. Surprised some friends with a trip to the beach.

Another great feature of the Chevy Traverse is that it seats up to 8* people. If we wanted to take friends with us to the beach, it would usually involve at least two vehicles, but with the Chevy Traverse we had plenty of room for our friends and all of our beach gear! We all enjoyed the rich and refined interior and the kids enjoyed the rearseat entertainment that helped to make the 2-hour trip so much more enjoyable.

3. Signed up to sponsor a child.


4. Gave our neighbors a “heart attack.”

The kids cut out several paper hearts with sweet messages written on them, then taped them to our neighbors’ walkways for a fun surprise! We rang the doorbell and ran. So sneaky!

5. Delivered water fight kits to friends. We made sponge bombs together, then placed them in sand buckets to make water fight kits for other families to enjoy!


6. Put together s’mores-making kits to give to our neighbors.

Again, we took advantage of all that cargo space in the Chevy Traverse! Everything you need to make s’mores (chocolate, marshmallows, graham crackers) in one convenient package made our neighbors smile.

7. Helped a neighbor with yard work.

8. Donated books, gently-used toys, and household items to the thrift store. The kids love to do this and look forward to going through their toys to find ones that other kids may enjoy. I loved having all of the extra space in the Chevy Traverse to make these donations!

9. Hosted a foreign exchange student.

I wish we had the Chevy Traverse during the time we were hosting our foreign exchange student because there were several times with our other vehicle when all three kids were crammed into the back seat and it was less than ideal, especially for longer car rides. I was amazed how much a little extra space helps to make our time in the car so much more pleasant!

10. Mailed a surprise package to faraway family members.

11. Put together “fort-making kits” to give to friends.

12. Left an extra big tip for the waitress at the diner.

13. Made a donation to a non-profit organization that builds houses for the homeless.

I found that many features of the Chevy Traverse really helped with our everyday family outings and errands, too. I was able to take the kids on shopping trips and had plenty of room for both our goods and for the kids. We went to the park and to summer camps, and we even did a bit of back-to-school shopping too — all in style!


It was so nice to have the extra space for all of our cargo and for the kids to have plenty of elbow room in such a stylish vehicle too! If you have kids and you are in the market for a sleek family vehicle, the Chevy Traverse is an excellent alternative to a minivan. I did not want my time with this car to end!!!

A BIG thank you to our friends at Chevy for helping us to spread kindness and to make such wonderful family memories this summer!



*Seating for up to 8 is standard on LS and 1LT. Available on 2LT. LTZ seats 7.


  1. Fantastic ideas here!! Love the Heart Attack one – how very creative and lovely! Well done you!

  2. I love how C’s backpack is almost as big as she is! <3 fun summer, happy anniversary!

  3. Those are awesome ideas! I will definitely take my kid on a kindness mission next summer. Thank you so much for sharing !

    By the way, I agree Chantelle, the Heart Attack one is so my top favorite !