Handmade Gift Kids Can Make

The kids are always looking for pretty gifts they can make for family or friends, and these hand-painted trivets are perfect (and useful) gifts. They are simple to make, and even the littlest artists can have fun with this easy project!! This is such a fun rainy day craft for kids, plus it’s a great (and useful) handmade gift kids can make!


To make your own colorful tree trivets, you will need:

  • IKEA Cork Trivets (sold in packs of 3 and available on Amazon here.)
  • masking tape
  • paint brush
  • acrylic paint (it is water-based and non-toxic, however acrylic paint will stain, so be sure to take necessary precautions with smocks to protect clothing and covering work surfaces with old newspaper)

Start by making a simple tree with the masking tape (older kids will have fun doing this part themselves), then invite your child over for some painting fun!


For this project, I prepared it with a bit of paint directly on the trivet itself, as shown.


Then, invite the kids to use the paintbrush to blend the colors! This project works best if they paint directly over top of the masking tape and as much of the trivet as possible.

Tip – Only use the water to rinse the brush in between colors, and try to dry the brush with a paper towel after each rinsing.


Here is how the trivet looks while the paint is drying. Allow the paint to dry completely before peeling off the masking tape and revealing your tree design.


Outline with a permanent marker, if desired. The kids could also repeat the same process to the other side of the trivet!


I absolutely LOVE how beautifully these painted trivets have turned out!

The kids were so proud of how their trivets turned out, and since they enjoy painting so much, this project was a big hit with them!! We kept one to use in our kitchen, and the other two are great for grandparent gifts!

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  1. Wow! This is just adorable!!! I’m loving it! I might try it with my students if we can get the cork.
    Thanks a million for sharing! I’m pinning it too!

  2. great achievable idea…

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