Life Skills for Kids: Sandwich Making

Developing life skills for kids is a great way to encourage independence, practice fine-motor skills, and foster self-confidence. Kids can do so much if only given the chance! Sandwich Making is an important life skill that children as young as 3 can do with assistance. Once mastered, kids will enjoy feeling the success of making their own lunch and snacks. 

Life Skills for Kids Sanwich Making

My youngest son enjoys preparing peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for his lunch and weekend snack. He spreads the peanut butter very carefully, being sure to precisely cover every inch of the bread. Though the knife he uses is a very safe, smooth butter knife, he is responsible and careful, as he has been taught that knives are not toys. 

My oldest son likes to make ham, cheese, lettuce, and mayo sandwiches. He uses a wavy slicer for the cheese, as it’s easier for him than a butter knife. 

Kids can make sandwiches.

He has told me that his sandwiches taste better than mine! 

yummy sandwich making for kids

When kids are given challenges and succeed on their own, they take pride in their abilities and accomplishments. This increases self-esteem, and they will be more likely to feel comfortable trying new things! 

Do your kids like to make their own sandwiches?

What is their favorite kind?

For kids ages 5 and up, this 6-Piece Fruit and Veggie Prep Kit from Curious Chef  contains practical, functional, age-appropriate tools to get kids active in the kitchen safely. The set includes: vegetable scrubber, melon baller, medium nylon knife, apple slicer, large silicone spoon and vegetable peeler. There is even a bonus sticker set and shopping menu included and a free recipe on back of box! Curious Chef is a line of real kitchen tools for kids to encourage independence and develop important life skills.

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