Easy Treats Kids Can Make

These easy treats kids can make are a simple way to add some fun to your day! Since they are so quick to make and use only three ingredients, these marshmallow treats are great for a special after-school treat or party favor to share with friends. Even young kids can make these with very little help from grown ups — great for rainy day fun!

Here’s how to make EASY marshmallow pops:

Easy Treats Kids Can Make

Materials Needed:


1. Cut straws in half. Place a marshmallow on the end.

2. Quickly dip the marshmallow in some water.

3. Allow all of the drips to come off, then spin the marshmallow in a small bowl of sprinkles.

4. Set in a cupcake liner for a few minutes to dry. Invite some friends over to share and enjoy!

Tip — Set up the materials needed on a baking sheet as shown for quick and easy clean-up!

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  1. Great idea for birthday parties 🙂

  2. This is a great idea! Thank you for sharing!