20 Ways to Play with Silks

Play silks are perfect for encouraging hours of imaginative play time fun because they can be easily made into several different things from costumes to props! Babies might enjoy a game of peek a boo with a play silk, while preschoolers might love to use a silk in a pot to stir up some pretend soup. I love how play silks are so versatile, and that they can easily grow with your child! A big thank you to Sarah’s Silks for providing us with our own Enchanted Play Silks Set for today’s creative play ideas!!
20 Ways to Play with Silks

Here are 20 creative ways to play with silks:

1. Make a parachute for a small toy.
2. Make a cone from construction paper and use a silk for “ice cream”.
3. Tie a dolly sling.
4. Sail your boat on a blue silk “water”.
5. Put a mini-silk in a pot and stir up some “soup”.
6. Tie on a cape.
7. Tie two together for genie pants.
8. Use a garland around the waist and tuck playsilk into it to make a fairy skirt.
9. Use one for a puppet show back drop.
10. Build a fort with a cardboard box and a playsilk “door”.
11. Tie to a stick to make a flag.
12. Sword holder
13. Tie a hammock for a doll.
14. Pirate head scarf
15. Make a doll hammock.
16. Tie on a kimono sash.
17. Horsie reins
18. Pretend it is long hair, braid three together to be Rapunzel’s braid.
19. Play peek-a-boo a baby.
20. Tie one on a dowel to make a silk streamer.
I highly recommend adding some play silks to your child’s toy collection to encourage lots of imaginative playtime fun! Check out Sarah’s Silks for beautiful play silks, pretend play costumes, Waldorf-inspired toys, and accessories! I love that Sarah’s Silks dyes are non-toxic, non-hazardous, environmentally friendly, and don’t contain any heavy metals. The silks are easily hand-washed.
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