Shamrock Kabobs

What are your favorite St. Patrick’s Day traditions?  We like to create some fun green food to get the holiday spirit going on in our kitchen.  Since we tend to get a bit crazy with the sweets sometimes, this year I decided to take a healthy approach to the day that is known for bringing out green.

Ready to get your kids to eat some green goodies?  It’s way too easy sometimes to pass over healthy treats for something sugary and not so good for you.  With treats like our Shamrock Kabobs, your kids will be ready to eat up more than their fair share of fruits.

St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Kabobs

Now, fruit kabobs can be made in a wide variety of combinations, but we decided to make these all green in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.  Kinda like our Shamrock Shakes…which are SO SO good, by the way.

We decided to dip a kabob into a glass of mint infused lemon-lime soda, and the kids loved it.  It makes a fun presentation and is just another way to get kids to chow down on a serving of fruit.

St. Patrick's Day Shamrock Kabobs

Shamrock Kabobs are made with grapes and kiwis.  See?  We’re all about keeping food super simple and time manageable.

For some reason, kids seem to gravitate to food on sticks.  I don’t know what it is about that.  Think about it: corn dogs, popsicles, cotton candy, and the list goes on.

Like Banana-Split Fruit Kabobs.  I serve those with chocolate on top… because I can’t image a banana split without it!
shamrock kabobs

Ready to learn how to make Shamrock Kabobs… or just about any other kind of fruit kabobs for that matter?

Shamrock Kabobs
  • Grapes
  • Kiwi (1/2-3/4 fruit per kabob)
  • Wooden skewers
  1. Wash fruit. Remove skin from kiwis and cut lengthwise in half and then slice. You'll end up with 8-10 pieces of kiwi.
  2. Make kabobs by alternating pieces of fruit on skewer.