Fort Magic Review (and Giveaway)

Want to take your fort building activities to the next level? Do your kids enjoy building their own play structures? Looking for something fun to do on a rainy day?? Then you may be interested in learning more about the Fort Magic building kit! Our friends at Fort Magic generously provided us with a kit of our own for the purposes of this Fort Magic review. (Thank you, Fort Magic!)

The Fort Magic kit is made up of over 300 pieces and retails for $200, making it the largest fort building kit available. There are so many possibilities to explore! Can’t wait to get your hands on a kit of your own?

Fort Magic is available for purchase on Amazon (free shipping with Prime membership).

Fort Magic Review and GiveawayThings We Love About Fort Magic:

  • Fosters virtually endless creativity and imagination.
  • One kit provides countless building opportunities! My kids loved building the cottage, riverboat, and race car so far!!
  • Appeals to a wide age-range of kids (and adults). Recommended for ages 5 Β½Β and up.
  • Pieces are easy to put together and take a part.
  • The included instruction booklet contains easy to follow diagrams, making the building process very straight-forward!
  • Fort Magic pipes are made of the highest quality PVC.
  • Every kit component has been tested by a 3rd party independent lab approved by the CPSC and has been safety certified for children 3 and over.

Fort Magic Review and Giveaway

Now the FUN part!

One very lucky Inner Child Fun reader will win a Fort Magic kit courtesy of Fort Magic!!! Giveaway is open to US residents only. (See official giveaway rules.)

To enter for your chance to win, visit the Fort Magic website then come back and leave a comment on this post sharing something you liked or learned!

For additional entries, you can like the Fort Magic Facebook page or follow Fort Magic on Pinterest. Just be sure to leave additional comments on this post saying that you liked/followed!

This giveaway ends on Wednesday, March 26, 2014 at 9:30pm EDT, and winner will be selected at random using a WordPress plugin.

Good luck!!

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  1. Amazing what you can do with the kit. We would definitely start with a ship

  2. I love that you can get one kit but keep changing around the design!

  3. What a great product to tap into everyone’s creativity!

  4. Dawn May-Bradley says

    I love that you can make multiple things with one kit. This looks like so much fun!

  5. Dawn May-Bradley says

    liked the Fort Magic Facebook page!

  6. I love that they have design ideas right on the website. You know, just in case the instruction booklet gets lost or destroyed in this house of mayhem πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the giveaway, Valerie!

  7. I like fort magic on Facebook.

  8. Dawn May-Bradley says

    followed Fort Magic on Pinterest!

  9. I follow fort magic on Pinterest

  10. Michelle Ayala says

    I like that this helps kids use their imagination in deciding/inventing what they want to build… and then they can put it together themselves. It’s got to be great for both their creative and problem-solving skills! πŸ™‚

  11. I had never heard of Fort Magic. I love how what you create is limited just to your imagination. So fun!

  12. Michelle Ayala says

    BTW, I just went and liked their facebook page. Thanks! πŸ™‚

  13. I “like” Fort Magic’s Facebook page

  14. I follow Fort Magic on Pinterest

  15. Buffythedog says

    Super fun!

  16. Buffythedog says


  17. Buffythedog says


  18. My twins would love the castle! They love to do pretend play and costumes and this would be used over and over again. I learned that the fabric in the photos isn’t included in the kits.

  19. Thanks for hosting a giveaway! Fort Magic is so cool! My favorite part is the fabric clips…something so simple that I still never would have thought of, had I invented it…lol.

  20. Suzie Williams says

    I learned that the same kit makes all kinds of different types of designs and that all you need to supply is your own sheets and blankets.

  21. I also am a fan of Fort Magic on FB!

  22. Aaaand I already follow them on Pinterest, too!

  23. Tari McDonald says

    I love that my boys should be able to build the forts on their own!

  24. Tari McDonald says

    I follow on fort magic on pinterest

  25. My kids would love building it as high as they could. Plus the rocket would be a fav.

  26. Tari McDonald says

    I like fort magic on facebook

  27. Love this idea. I love the instructions on their website on how to make the fabric panels.

    Also liked them on Facebook and following on pinterest

  28. I liked Fort Magic on FB.

  29. Suzie Williams says

    I like Magic Fort on FB!

  30. Eva Jackson says

    OMGoodness this is the coolest toy. Would be great to play with on the hot summer days that are just tooooo hot to got outside and play in. My kids fav after looking on the page was the airplane. What would also be cool is if it I drilled a few hole across the bars and attached to a water hose for a little outdoor bike wash (car wash) lol Hope to win πŸ™‚

  31. Eva Jackson says


  32. Eva Jackson says


  33. I love the open-ended opportunities with this fort and that it comes with so many parts! I was already a FB fan, now I just became a Pinterest follower. πŸ™‚

  34. Martine Bracke says

    Amazing that with one kit you can build almost everything!

  35. Jessica Carlson says

    These are AWESOME!! I love that you can make so many different things… Get tired of the castle? Just make a race car. Or how about a spaceship? The possibilities are (nearly) endless πŸ™‚

  36. I like how open ended these are…so many possibilities!!!

  37. Catherine says

    Love the flexibility of the kit!

  38. I love all the creative things kids can build!

  39. I follow them on Pinterest

  40. Following on FB

  41. I am following/like the Fort Magic page!

  42. Jennifer Kobel says

    My 5 kids would love one the Fort Magic kit! It’s amazing how many things you can build with it!

  43. I love the variety of building options with just one kit!

  44. Liked!

  45. Followed on pinterest

  46. Rachel N. says

    Brilliant toy which would bring YEARS of fun! we would start with the rocketship with my 2 boys i’m sure. : )

  47. Rachel N. says

    I like Fort Magic on facebook

  48. Rachel N. says

    i follow Fort Magic on Pinterest

  49. We would make a space ship or castle first!

    • We love how creative Fort Magic is and how much you can learn! It would be a fun fine motor activity just from building it and they’d be learning about math too!

  50. We follow on Pinterest @ MunchkinandBean

  51. We follow on Facebook @ Kristan Price

  52. So cool what you can build! My kids would love to build the castle. They love to build forts and take their snacks in them πŸ™‚

  53. I love that their imagination can run wild. So many possibilities!

  54. Raana Brezenoff says

    I’m absolutely ecstatic about The Fort Magic kit, I feel like my kids 2 & 5 will be also. We would probably start with the submarine. I’m a fan on FB and following on Pinterest. Thanks for the opportunity!

  55. Eve Pafford says

    Love fort magic’s clips for fabric. And my kids loved the picture of the rocket ship!

  56. Eve Pafford says

    I liked Fort Magic on FB

  57. Following Fort Magic on Pinterest

  58. Love these tents! i really like how children learn when building them! πŸ™‚

  59. liked their FB page!

  60. I really like all if the customer reviews and customer photos of their creations they have made! What imaginations!

  61. Andrea Schafer says

    I liked on Pinterest and Facebook! Very neat product!

  62. Michelle B says

    This is amazing! I have learned that the connectors hold well and allow you to make practically any shape! Such a boost for creative play!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  63. I follow Fort Magic on Facebook and Pinterest!

  64. Michelle B says

    I like Fort Magic on facebook! (Michelle Brigham)

  65. Michelle B says

    And I absolutely follow Fort Magic on Pinterest! (Michelle Brigham)

  66. therese lis says

    The possibilities are endless, I need this

  67. I love that there are design ideas on the site. The submarine looks so cool! Thanks.

  68. I like Fort Magic on FB

  69. Cindy Higgins says

    I LOVE the versatility! I work with preschoolers with a range of disabilities and they would totally enjoy playing with this set!

  70. I follow Fort Magic on Pinterest.

  71. Katie Larkins says

    I love the endless possibilities!!! My kids would LOVE this as we are always making forts.

  72. Katie Larkins says

    I like Fort Magic on Facebook

  73. Katie Larkins says

    I follow Fort Magic on Pinterest

  74. I love that one set gives them so many options.

  75. I follow Fort Magic on Pinterest.

  76. I love the versatility of each kit. My son has an amazing imagination and i know he would spend hours creating all kinds of amazing forts. I learned that or comes with designs but you can make anything you dream of.

  77. Liked fort magic on Facebook.

  78. My son would love the spaceship and probably all of the other wonderful ideas!

  79. I follow Fort Magic on Pinterest

  80. I like fort magic on Facebook!

  81. Liked and followed! πŸ™‚ What I like is the fact that there are curved pieces adding to the creativity! Just awesome, my two little girls (3 and 5) would have a blast building with Fort Magic!

  82. I love the flexibility of this toy. The imagination of kids plus this, will bring them hours of fun! how great there are plans on the website too!

  83. I liked the face book page

  84. I followed them on Pintrest!

  85. Liked on facebook!

  86. Rocket ship, pirate ship and castle would be so fun!

  87. Michelle V says

    I like how versatile it is and how many options kids have.

  88. Michelle V says

    I like Fort Magic on Facebook.

  89. Cassandra Eastman says

    I love the Fort Magic Playhouse, and I learned how to build fort magic wheels & circles!

  90. Cassandra Eastman says

    I like Fort Magic on facebook!

  91. Cassandra Eastman says

    Following Fort Magic on pinterest – eastman520

  92. Rachelle Lee says

    We love to build using boxes! My kids -3 and 5 year old will be so happy to win this, they like building and pretend play.

  93. I like and follow Fort Magic on facebook, youtube and pinterest. I do not know how to say how much I would love to get one of these for my 6 Grand kids and how much they mean to me. All I want is for them is to be happy and have something nice that I can’t afford to give to them. They all are my world and I would give them my life if needed. Thanks again Fort Magic. The amazing thing that makes Fort Magic so special is that it makes children use their imagination so the can create so many different forts. I also love how many pieces come in the kit so they all can work together or independently.

  94. i love how this kit contains multiple configurations depending on my child’s mood. I also like that he would be able to express his creativity on his own! neat product!

  95. I love how many different forts can be built with just the one kit!

  96. And I like Fort Magic on Facebook

  97. I love that you can buy one kit and it is so versital. My children would have so much fun makibg the different designs, I think they would start with the rocket or ship.

  98. Loving this fort! – wishing it was a tad less expensive!! My kids build at least one old-school fort a week, this would definitely keep them going with their imaginations!

  99. btw, I’m already a fort magic FB, Twitter, and Pinterest follower!

  100. I love how their forts are interactive and come with “figures” to add to the fun.

  101. Love the fabric clips! We had a different system and sheets always slid right off!

  102. Liked on Facebook

  103. Ave Maria Orlando says

    Amazing creative fun and hours of entertainment with this kit and all that it contains……love it..

  104. Following on Pinterest, too.

  105. I love that the options are endless! Size and shape of space are aren’t an issue and that the kids can do it!

  106. I have liked the fort magic FB page will hit Pinterest later today!!!! Love helping to spread the word about a great product

  107. I love that my kids could build a fort everyday without clothes pins that end up popping off πŸ™ I would love to win this!

  108. I love open-ended toys and the gender neutrality. πŸ™‚

  109. I like Fort Magic on FB

  110. Miriam Prantner says

    Love that car you guys made! I love these kits because they are just so wide open, you can create anything, and having those curved pieces is a huge plus.

  111. Miriam Prantner says

    I follow Fort Magic on FB

  112. Wow! I’ve never heard of this product! I love how you can build so many different forts from the same box!

  113. What is not to love?? Seriously, everything about this kit is cool! I think we’d start with some serious fort building, but who knows where that would take us…

    I’m following Fort Magic on Pinterest as well! Thanks for the chance to win this (we can’t afford to buy it, so fingers crossed…)

  114. I love everything that can be built with this! I’m sure my daughter would love to do the castle! πŸ™‚

  115. I like Fort Mgic on facebook.

  116. My kids would love to build the rocket ship…..I like all the possibilities!

  117. I love the “riverboat” design best, but I think my kids would get a kick out of the “airplane” design. My son is really into WW11 planes right now!

  118. I “Like” ’em on Facebook

  119. …And follow them on Pinterest!

  120. I love that you can make the ‘custom’ fort covers just by cutting knit fabric and using the clips–no sewing but looks super ‘clean’. All the directions on their website are great.

  121. I follow Fort Magic on Pinterest

  122. I ‘like’ Fort Magic on Facebook.

  123. Tracie Trump says

    My niece Jill would love to build a castle first!

  124. Tracie Trump says

    Liked Fort Magic on FB as T Michelle Trump

  125. Tracie Trump says

    Follow you on pinterest as traciemt

  126. I love how Fort Magic gets kids to step away from the iPad and exercising their creativity instead. My girls are really into pirates right now, so I think we’d start with that one before building an original creation.

  127. I like Fort Magic on Facebook

  128. I’m following on Pinterest too.

  129. Everything about Fort Magic is amazing. I would be so honored to win and have one of these in my home.

  130. I follow Fort Magic on Facebook

  131. I follow Fort Magic on Pinterest πŸ™‚

  132. I also follow Fort Magic On YouTube. Please Pick Me to win. I adore Fort Magic.

  133. I learned that this one kit can make all of these different creations and has 384 pieces.

  134. What a blast the kids will have! Great for imagination!!

  135. Jennifer Bensley says

    WOW! This is really cool. I have never seen this product before. Thanks for sharing!

  136. Suzanne Skillman says

    I just love that you can design your own fort covers and they provide the dimensions! This would be a hit in our household, even with the adults. πŸ™‚

  137. Wanda Stone says

    My grandchildren would love this creative and imaginative kit for building. And it breaks down for storage.

  138. Laura Jacobson says

    Oh Carter would have so much fun building the Mini-plane! They all look so fun to build! I also love how they have the DIY Fabric cover section and bedsheets and fabric clips! So neat with all the ideas!

  139. Laura Jacobson says

    I follow Fort Magic on Facebook

  140. Laura Jacobson says

    I follow Fort Magic on Pinterest
    Laura J / ilovemybeagle2

  141. I like that it only takes one kit with many different building possibilities.

  142. Tracie A. says

    Ii like all the design ideas they had for forts.

  143. Tracie A. says

    I liked the facebook page.

  144. marilyn kieser says

    have never tried any of your kits but they look very exciting. I have a 6 yr old grand daughter that always wants something to do when she visits. This would spur on her creative inner child.

  145. Mary Beth Galloway says

    Love the idea of fabric clips and all the various pieces in this kit including curved ones and a storage bag.

  146. Mary Beth Galloway says

    I follow on Pinterest already!

  147. Mary Beth Galloway says

    I like on FB as well. πŸ˜‰

  148. Melissa nelson says

    I like how versatile for magic is! We love our couch forts but are limited with ships, rockets, castles, etc. It’s so great how open it is but can be covered with sheets or left open. I like that clips are involved to secure the sheets too. πŸ™‚

  149. Melissa nelson says

    Oh, I also liked and followed fort magic on Facebook and pinteredt

  150. tammy cordery says

    I liked the facebook

  151. tammy cordery says

    sounds like my kids will have a ball with it.

  152. tammy cordery says

    I follow you on pinterest

  153. I love the castle!!

  154. I like Fort Magic on Facebook.

  155. I follow Fort Magic on Pinterest.

  156. I had never heard of Fort Magic. I love how what you create is limited just to your imagination. πŸ™‚

  157. I am helping to spread the word. One of my daughters joined in the fun. Thank you again Inner Child Fun and Fort Magic for the wonderful chance to win and for the giveaway.

  158. I follow Fort Magic on Twitter,