5 Ways to Give with No Additional Cost!

Our family is participating in the 100 Acts of Kindness Project  and we are so excited about spreading kindness over the next 4 weeks.  My kids are huge on kindness and always want to give, but sometimes we have to explain that doing certain kindness acts are just out of our budget.  

While I too wish I could give more sometimes, like when a friend ends up with huge medical bills, I really do believe that small acts can make a big difference. Here are 5 ways you and your family can give without any additional cost!

5 Ways to Give with NO Additional Cost to You! Love these ideas!

Donate Items You No Longer Need.

Don’t throw away old toys or clothing, donate it to a group that can use them in your area.  This one not only doesn’t cost you anything it also helps clear the clutter out of your house. Win win!

Clip Coupons for Good

Scour the flyers for coupons for free items and then donate them.  Buy one get one free deals, a gift card with purchase, and combining coupons are all good ways to get free things that can be donated to food pantries or shelters.

Sign Up for Store Rewards

Stores love to give back and many of them will let you chose a local organization for the money to go to.  For example 1% of the money I spend at Target goes directly to my kids elementary school.

Take Advantage of Company Matching

Do you already have giving planned for your favorite charities this year? Check to see if you or your spouse’s company will match your donation! It’s an easy way to double your giving with just a form.

Grow for Giving

Plant some fruits and veggies in your garden this year to share with others.  When they are ripe take them to a food pantry or soup kitchen.  Just a few extra seeds can yield enough vegetables for a hungry family to enjoy. 

Donate old toys

There are many ways to give to others without an additional cost to you.  What can you add to the list?  We’d love to hear what you and your family is doing!


  1. I can think of several more ways to give to others, at no cost.
    Here are just a few:
    1). Most of us adults are able to donate blood. This doesn’t cost us any money (Red Cross often gives donors gifts!). Just one persons blood donation, can help several different people! (Hint: You can donate every 12 weeks)

    2). Take your kids with you, to collect canned and boxed foods to donate to homeless shelters etc. This could be done throughout your (safe) neighborhood (or a friend or family members). Most food pantry’s, churches, and homeless shelters are in need – especially thus year, due to odd weather etc. They need more donations, so that they can assist troubled people. There can be many reasons that people need assistance…and it could be your family some day.

    3). Volunteer at pet shelters. This is not only rewarding to the pets and staff…but you’ll find it rewarding to you and your kids too! You can feed them, play with the (safe) pets, clean their cage, and give them much needed exercise and attention!

    4). Bring unwanted or multiple gifts you and your kids received for Christmas/birthday’s etc., to children in regular and/or Pediatrics hospitals and cancer centers, who haven’t been able to be home for the holiday’s and/or birthdays. Be sure to bring clean/sanitary items, that cannot hold and spread bacteria or virus. Used stuffed animals are not allowed. Bringing things such as books, Lego’s, new dolls, new toy cars etc., would be enjoyable and even healing to many children experiencing medical issues.
    This not only helps the children receiving medical care – but this is a positive learning experience for healthy children.

    These are just a few of the many ways for parents to nurture, and teach their children the importance of citizenship, and giving to others. These can surprisingly be done, at no cost – while also spending quality time together.
    Us parents should not have to say “Do as I say…not as I do”.
    By doing just a couple of positive, healthy, and uplifting activities together, we can ALL strengthen our family bond, and increase our self-respect. These positive acts also teach our children, that people (and animals) of all circumstances deserve dignity, respect, and assistance at certain times in their life – and that we may be in need some day.