Holiday Gift Kids Can Make — Frosty Flowers

For a simple holiday gift kids can make, you may want to invite them to try crafting up some frosty flowers! These can be made into beautiful sparkling bouquets, given individually, or used as decorations for gift wrap. I love that something so simple inspire plenty of creative crafting fun!

To make your own frosty flowers, you will need:

Tissue Paper — cut up into pieces about the size of an index card (3″ x 5″).

Sparkly Pipe Cleaners — we used silver ones.

Paper — cut into leave shapes.

Glitter Glue — we love this white washable glitter glue!

Scissors — for shaping the petals.

Holiday Gift Kids Can Make -- Frosty Flowers

Invite your child to craft up some tissue paper flowers. I did a few as examples, then let my daughter craft up a few more on her own. If your kids are younger, you may want to craft up a few flowers for them ahead of time.

Here’s a very quick video tutorial showing how to make tissue paper flowers:

To make leaves, sandwich a pipe cleaner in between two paper leaves and glue in place. Allow to dry, then twist the pipe cleaner around the stem of the flower.

Next, it’s time to paint on the glitter glue! This was Clara’s favorite part, and she spent a long time carefully painting the edges of each flower petal and leave.

Holiday Gift Kids Can Make -- Frosty Flowers

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Have fun! 

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  1. Thanx Valerie,its a Good technique for making your own Flowers gift.I made and will be given to my loving mom.thanx once again now i will share your blog to my friends