Fun Fall Festival Photo Props

We are getting ready to host our third annual pumpkin painting party this coming weekend!  This year is especially exciting because I managed to “wrangle” some of my neighbors into helping me and we are turing it into a block party!  And so, with an entire block to fill, there must be some extra added fun to the pumpkin painting, right? 

So, this year’s party will not only have pumpkin painting, but it’s going to be a mini fall festival block party pumpkin painting party!  It’s going to be a blast!  We are hoping that the deluge of rain that we just received will mean that we have good weather, fingers crossed.  There will be some fun fall games, including those acorn games I shared with you last month. 

And, for more fun, I’ve made up a few fun fall photo props too. Fall Festival Photo PropsWith the help of PicMonkey I made some fall photo props.  Complete with moustaches in autumnal shades (way more fun than plain old black), pumpkin and leaf spectacles, candy corn and leaf crowns, pumpkin and butterfly masks, a Jack o’ Lantern face, a leaf fairy wand, a candy corn smile, and a few “fallish” words. Fall photo props collage

After I cut them out my daughter was eager to give them a try, and of course, I couldn’t resist either!  Photo props smiling

Candy corn photo props

Leaf mask photo prop
She had a blast, and especially loved after the posing when she got to see the pictures! 

I can’t wait to pull these out at the party and get everyone else in on the fun!  Now, of course I know that you’ll want to make some of your own, right? 

Here you go… Fall Festival Photo Props

Print these photo props out yourself on some cardstock, attach a bamboo skewer or straw to them with tape and voila, some super silly fall time fun!  Photo props silly

Oh, and ps…wouldn’t these be super fun to print out and bring to your family’s Thanksgiving festivities?  Bring them along as part of your hostess gift.  It’ll keep everyone entertained, out of the kitchen, and out of the way of the chef!


  1. Jane, these are fantastic!! Great job

  2. Thank you so much! I am hosting my first fall festival for family and friends this weekend, and this will make a wonderful addition to our fun. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing.