Learning in an Instant: Scissor Skills

I know many families are preparing for the upcoming school year by setting aside a little time to let their kids practice some of the basics before they go back. Practicing scissor skills can be one of the easiest activities to encourage. And it can be fun! 

You don’t even have to have an end project in mind because cutting for the sake of cutting is often enough. Give your kids a pile of scrap paper, old magazines, yarn, straws, or playdough and a pair of scissors and let them snip and cut away.  For more direction and a bit more of a challenge, you could ask them to cut out certain shapes or fill a small basket with their cuttings. 

Learning in an Instant- Scissor Skills

You can always decide how to use the cut up material after they’re done. I bet they might have a few suggestions of their own! My son decided to use his cut up pieces of yarn to create a nesting kit for our backyard birds. 

Happy snipping!

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