Patriotic Firework Paintings

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Patriotic Kids Craft for 4th of July

These painted firework prints are an easy patriotic craft the kids can make to be displayed in your home in time for the 4th of July holiday! A big thank you to our friends at Melissa & Doug for sponsoring today’s creative craft project! To make your own patriotic firework paintings, you will need: red and blue washable paint, paper, and cotton swabs.


We love the Melissa & Doug Washable Poster Paint because the colors are vibrant, the paints are a great consistency for early painters, and they are washable! My kids are also big fans of the Melissa & Doug Picture Frame Pad. They love how everything they draw or paint becomes an instant masterpiece with such fancy “frames”!

To begin, apply the poster paint straight from the bottle in circle patterns, as shown.


Invite your child over to create firework designs using a cotton swab. Once I showed the kids how to push the paint from the center of the circles out, they could not wait to get started and make some firework prints of their own!


I love how the paint swirls to make unique patterns. No two prints are exactly alike, and the kids had so much fun making these! Allow the paint to dry completely, then display proudly in your home for the 4th of July holiday!!


My kids ended up making several of these patriotic firework prints, and even mailed a few off to our soldier friends serving overseas.

Have fun!!

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  1. Definitely doing this and I think we will add glitter!

  2. This is a fun project! I think we might try something like this later in the week too.

  3. Thanks for the inspiration!
    My daughters and I made fireworks paintings today and it was lots of fun.
    We added glitter to ours for some extra sparkle and also created a few with glitter glue instead of paint.
    They turned out a little different to the ones your kids created (especially the ones made by my 2 year old!) but they still looked great.
    You can see how they turned out here:

  4. We rocked these yesterday. 🙂 thanks for another fun idea!!