Kid Poll: Make A Difference Right Now

Kid Poll: Ways To Make A Difference Right Now | Inner Child Giving

We asked some of our favorite little people what they thought they could do to make a difference today. The responses were heart-warming:

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“If I see someone hurt, I ask what happened and if they’re OK.” Will, age 7, from Not Just Cute

“Having a lemonade stand to raise money for people with cancer.” Emily, age 9, from Inner Child Fun

“There’s One thing definately! Ok well actually there’s Three Things! First help everyone learn to not use too much water or energy. Second go outside and help everyone help pick up all the trash, like every Saturday. Third don’t use too much paper!” Big Sister age 6, from The Educators’ Spin On it

My 9 year old said, ” I help people by telling them about Jesus when they are sad. I help people when they fall down, I help them get back up.” ~ Ethan from Inspired by Family mag

“Learn all I can about endangered species” Happy, age 7, from Kids | Stuff | World

“I know what I can do! I can not make crumbs for you! I can eat over a basket while I’m sitting in my fort so that they don’t go on the ground. Is that a good idea?” (we were talking about eating over the plate so crumbs don’t go on the floor at breakfast time) – Zorion, age 4, from Moments A Day

“Picking up the trash and giving people food.” Hannah, age 7, from Coffee Cups and Crayons

“Rake people’s leaves and feed animals” Max, age 5, from Coffee Cups and Crayons

“Oh, and hugs.” Hannah. “Yes, hugs.” Max.

“When they need help the guard people can go help the unicorns.” Olivia, age 3, from Coffee Cups and Crayons

“Rescue them by putting out a fire” – Jude, age 3, (he has a very focused career path) from Small + Friendly

“Clean Austin’s room and put away all his toys and wash his dog” Little, age 4, (in regards to his buddy down the street who is out of town for the summer) from Kids | Stuff | World

“Make clothes and donate toys to kids who don’t have many” Sweet, age 6, from Kids | Stuff | World

These responses were a nice reminder to me that sometimes the best thing you can do to make a difference in the world is to help those around you, offer a helping hand, and never to lose our sense of wonder, … or our sense of humor!

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