How to Make Solar S’mores Treats

Summertime is synonymous with S’mores treats and play dates, so why not combine them?  Here’s a fun, no fire required S’mores activity that will not just melt into a delicious combination, but into the hearts of your S’mores lovin’ crew.  In fact, we call them Sun-Baked S’mores!

How to Make Solar S'mores

However, I have to tell you that in all honesty, we actually had a play date set up to take the photos for this post and it’s been such a cloudy start to summer in the Northeast, it rained.  So, the first round we warmed them in the oven at 250 degrees for just a few minutes.  After all, we couldn’t disappoint the kids on the intended plan…

The next day we encountered gray skies again; simply unbelievable and the photo plan was foiled again (ha-ha – only a little pun intended since we wrap them in foil to create).  But, the third day was the charm and FINALLY we had sun to take a photo of our Sun-Baked S’mores share.

What did the kids, who were here have to say? Mmmmmm – their mouths were full & they asked for seconds, which is looking like a good sign for a good time.

How to Make Solar S'mores

Supplies Needed:

Graham crackers

Mini chocolate bars

Marshmallows, large



(other potential ingredients for combinations could include peanut butter, strawberry slices, banana slices, hazelnut spread, etc.)

How to Make Solar S'mores

Take one full graham cracker and split it into two halves.  Cut a marshmallow in half.  Create a s’more sandwich using the graham crackers as the bread.  Fill your sandwich with a cut marshmallow and chocolate (or other treat) of choice.

Wrap each s’more individually in foil.

Place the wrapped s’mores on a baking sheet, place them in the sun and go have a little fun. Note — The amount of time for sun baking is dependent on the warmth of the day and placing these treats in the direct sun. However, on a hot day this project should take as little as 15 minutes! You could also place the baking sheet with foil packets on the dashboard of a hot car to help speed the melting process along.

Unwrap the tin foil and enjoy your sun baked s’more!