Gifts Kids Can Make for Mother’s Day: Jewelry Dish

Looking for a last-minute handmade gift idea for Mom this Mother’s Day?? These pretty jewelry dishes are quick and easy for kids to make! A big thank you to our friends at Melissa & Doug for sponsoring today’s creative craft project! To make your own jewelry dish, you will need some oven bake clay, an alphabet stamp set (we adore our Melissa & Doug alphabet stamp set — it has been used for SEVERAL projects over the years, including handmade pendants for Mother’s Day too), a rolling pin, muffin tin, a large empty yogurt container, and a butter knife.

Kid Made Jewelry Dish for Mom

Begin by inviting your child to roll out the oven bake clay with the rolling pin, similarly to how you would roll out a sheet of cookie dough. Roll to about a 1/4″ thickness. Emily loves anything that involves the use of a rolling pin, so this was a big hit with her!

Kid Made Jewelry Dish for Mom

Next,  use a large empty yogurt container to score a circle mark in the clay.

Kid Made Jewelry Dish for Mom

Use a butter knife or a plastic knife to cut the clay the rest of the way.

Kid Made Jewelry Dish for Mom

Next, use the alphabet stamps to write “Mom” along the edge of the clay circle!

Kid Made Jewelry Dish for Mom

Flip over a muffin tin, and fold the clay circle over the top of one of the domes to shape the jewelry dish into place. Place the entire muffin tin and clay into the oven and bake according to the package’s instructions.

Kid Made Jewelry Dish for Mom

Allow to cool completely. These can be painted, if desired, or left without paint. Either way, Mom is sure to love this precious (and useful) jewelry dish!

Kid Made Jewelry Dish for Mom

 Have fun!! For more handmade gift ideas the kids can make for Mom this Mother’s Day, click here!

(Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Melissa & Doug. Don’t forget to download the Ultimate Rainy Day Activity eBook — it’s free! There are a ton of other kid-friendly crafts, activities, and creative play ideas on the Melissa & Doug blog, so be sure to check out their blog too! All opinions are my own. Disclosure policy here.)


  1. This is a very pretty craft. I need to get us some oven bake clay like that!

  2. Vanessa g says

    This is a fun idea and oven bake clay is a great material to work with (I am an artist and mom and use this as my medium) Oven bake clays need require a few basic precautions. The tools and work surface used should not be kitchen items that will be used again with food as the oven bake clay may transfer to food being eaten. Paper is a great work surface for oven baked clays for a rolling pin a glass bottle works well for tools plastic knives, forks, spoons, and bamboo skewers are useful as well.

    • Thank you, Vanessa! I am so glad you mentioned about the work surfaces & tools — something I didn’t think to include here because we use separate cutting boards, rolling pins, etc that are exclusively for play dough and crafts (all from the dollar store). It didn’t occur to me that people would reuse the same kitchen items later w/ food! Love the idea of a paper work surface, plastic knives, forks, spoons, and a bottle for a rolling pin — thanks so much for sharing!!!

      • Vanessa g says

        Your welcome 🙂 If you do use paper as a work surface often the oven baked clays will look like they are leaching or leaking, leaving the paper “wet” this is normal its the plastcizer leaching from the clay. Its not a big deal and doesn’t affect the clay at all . Happy playing!

  3. Valerie, I wanted to mention that I had my little guy do this craft for the mom moms for Mother’s Day and they loved it as much as he enjoyed making it (it was like playing Play-Dough for him). The only difference was I used pink clay rather than the gray. Thanks!