5 Ways to Make Old Toys Seem Like New

Getting the most play value out of the toys your kids already have doesn’t have to take a lot of time or effort. Here are some easy ways to make old toys seem like new! These tips can help teach kids to appreciate the things they already own, and promote plenty of imaginative playtime fun.

5 Ways to Make Old Toys Seem Like New

1. A Good Washing

Many time toys start to took tired and worn simply because they are dirty. Read the label on stuffed animals to see if they can be machine washed, or spot cleaned. Set out a dishpan with soapy water and a scrub brush or sponge, and invite the kids to wash any non-battery powered toy cars, or other toys that can be submerged in water.

2. Paint It (or Re-Paint it)

Does it need a new coat of paint? This is one of the easiest and quickest ways to make an old toy seem like new! A set of old unfinished wooden blocks, for example, can take on a completely different look after being painted.

3. Toy Rotation

My mother used to do this with my (and my brother’s toys) all the time, and inevitably there were toys we had forgotten about that seemed like NEW to us! If you have the space in a closet or other storage area, set aside several toys. Every so often, once the kids are tired of the toys they are currently playing with, rotate them out with the toys in the storage area.

4. A Change of Scenery

Another super easy way to make an old toy seem like new is to change its location. This works especially well for outdoor toys that can be clean up and brought indoors, or vice versa. For larger toys like an art easel, pretend workshop, or play kitchen set, being moved to another room or a different corner of the same room can make it seem like new again.

5. Accessorize!

An old teddy bear can seem like new with a pretty bow, or a doll may benefit from some new accessories (many of which you can make yourself!). Add cotton balls to block play or a train set to create your own Winter wonderland.

Have fun!!


  1. Your mother got the toy rotation idea from her mother!

  2. I used to do the toy rotation bit quite a lot when I was teaching. The kids would get so excited when I would put out some manipulatives that they hadn’t seen in a few months.