Gift Ideas to Make the Most of Spring

spring gift ideas for kids

There’s nothing more fun for kids than getting outdoors and being active. You can encourage outdoor play with these cool, new gift ideas perfect for Spring:

1. A Water Table – There are hours and hours of fun just waiting to be had in this small, portable water table. There’s something magical about mixing kids and water, no matter how big or small the pond is. 

2. A Wheelbarrow that doubles as a play toy – I have to admit … I have a feeling I’ll be picking this up for my guys really soon, as much for me as it will be for them! It’s so cute, and functional too. Yep, we’ll be making mudpies and opening flower shops in no time!

3. An All-Purpose Ball – A great ball is my go-to gift idea when going to a backyard barbeque or outdoor party. If you only have one toy in the yard, and it’s a ball … you’ve got an afternoon of games all the kids can play.

4. Bubbles – Another go-to kid option of mine, if you will be outdoors and there are children involved – bubbles will make the day. Smiles and laughter abound, bubbles never get old. If only I could find a way for young ones to use them without spilling or getting their fingers sticky … anyone?

5. An Interactive Sandbox – I am head over heels for this mini sandbox. It closes up for easy storage, comes with it’s own excavator, and is pretty darn cute. I wish I would have found this way back when we had our “Little Digger” birthday party.

and last but not least, 

6. A Kiddie Pool – Instant Fun in the Sun. I strongly believe every backyard should have it’s own kiddie pool. When my kids were smaller I’d get in with them, now that the three of them take up almost the whole pool I pull up a chair and stick my feet in while they splash and play with wild abandon. Add in a tall glass of lemonade, and you’ve got my idea of a perfect sunny afternoon.

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