Kid-Made Dream Journal

Here’s a quick and easy project kids can make to help encourage plenty of good writing practice — a dream journal! My 8 year old made one a few weeks ago, and has been adding entries to it ever since. She may run out of space soon and may need to make another one!

For this project, we thought it would be fun to experiment with our SprayZa marker set from Melissa & Doug! If you’re not familiar with SprayZa, these markers are like an easy version of airbrushing. Traditional air brush sets can be very expensive and difficult to use. With SprayZa, kids can blow into the SprayZa tool in combination with whichever colored SprayZa pens they’d like to make airbrushed designs. The set comes with stencils too!

For our project, I made up a simple blank notebook — just by binding a few sheets of paper with staples and some colored duct tape. Then Emily decorated the cover by making beautiful airbrushed designs using the SprayZa markers! Be sure to work in an area that’s been prepped for mess, and that you’re not using the markers near any walls or other surfaces you wouldn’t want to be stained (just in case).

Emily thought her journal cover resembled the stars in outer space! The colors are quite bright and vibrant, and the markers are simple for her to use. She added the word “Dream” to the top, and already has plans to experiment with the included stencils for some other upcoming projects!

Have fun!!

Disclosure: A big thank you to our friends at Melissa & Doug for sponsoring this post. Melissa & Doug also provided us with a SprayZa Deluxe Set for plenty of creative crafting fun!


  1. I like the idea of a dream journal, and it looks really nice. I like Emily’s color choice!


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