Heart Treasure Boxes

Every kid loves to have a special place to store all of those precious momentos from treasured outings with family and friends. What better place to store them than a hand-painted heart treasure box??

While at the craft store, I happened to pick up a pack of 3 of these unfinished heart boxes on a whim one day. They proved to be just the right activity for a snowy and rainy afternoon, so we set out plenty of paints and got to work! I love how this project helped keep the kids entertained, each of these is totally unique, and there was no wrong way to paint them! Clara had lots of fun painting hers completely with sparkly purple paint!

 And Emily took a more measured approach by painting each of the details a different color — so pretty! Once the kids were done painting, and their projects were completely dry, I filled in the details with a black permanent marker.

Of course, I couldn’t resist painting one of my own! Now I have the perfect place to store all of those fun momentos like ticket stubs,  lucky pennies, and other fun treats to remind me of some of our special adventures together!

Have fun!!


  1. Beautiful! They came out so beautifully! What kind of paint did you use?