Funny Kid Quotes

Funny Kid Quotes

Do you need a good laugh? Here are some funny kid quotes from my silly little ones to help brighten your day.

Funny Things My Kids Actually Said

Overheard from the living room one day.
4yr old (piling stuffed animals on the couch): Come on, kids! It’s time to go to IKEA. Vrrooom… Vrrrroooommmm…

8 yr old: What’s in this package?
Me: I ordered the book “What Do Illustrators Do?“. I thought you may like it, in case you want to be an illustrator when you grow up.
8 yr old: I already AM an illustrator.

I stand corrected.

4yr old (waving her magic wand): Abracadabra…. make Daddy come downstairs. Poof!
((pause. nothing happens.))
4 yr old (louder): I said… POOOOOF!!!

4yr old (waving her magic wand): Brrrrinnng!!
8yr old (unimpressed): That didn’t work.
4yr old: Oh noooooo! My magic wand is out of batteries!!!

Me: Guess what’s for dinner tonight… Calzones!
8 yr old (jumping up & down with excitement): Oh, WOW!!! I love calzones!! This is going to be AWESOME!!!!!!! ((pause.)) Uhh… what IS a calzone?

4yr old: (still sleepy. rubs her eyes, smacks her face.)
Me: What are you doing???
4yr old: I forgot to put on my good morning eyes.

8 yr old: Mommy, tell us a story about when you were little.
Me: When I was a little girl, there was NO internet.
((both kids very wide-eyed.))
4yr old: Were there flowers????

Wishing you and your family a wonderful (and fun-filled) weekend!


  1. That is awesome! My favorite is the no internet one!

  2. So cute! They are adorable! And someone clearly likes Ikea! 😉

  3. Catholicmom says

    Those are cute 🙂 I recently was driving my 7 year old and his 10 year old friend somewhere when my 7 year old said to his friend, “Hey! Do you know what I’m thinking?” To which his friend replied, “No, I have no idea what you’re thinking.” And his friend picked up the conservation as if nothing happened.

  4. Kids are so funny. I love the one about the internet/flowers. After watching an old black and white cowboy movie with our boys (then around 5 and 7) my husband and I started reminiscing about when our families got their first colored television sets and how exciting it was. Evidently this left an impression with our younger son. A couple of days later he asked my husband if his toys were black and white when he was little or if they had colored toys way back then. lol

  5. Hee hee!! That DID make me smile :)))

    The last is my favorite too. No internet. Haha… I can just see it.

  6. I keep a whole page of “silly things” on my blog! At the end of the year I make a book out of them, so I can remember them when they are older!

  7. my 2 year old while sitting on the potty: “Mommy! There’s a snake in the potty!”

  8. Sooo cute. This makes me look forward to the conversations my boys will have when the youngest learns to talk

  9. So funny! We were at a museum that showed one of the very first phones from the 19th century. The 6-year old I was with asked if I remembered that from when I was little… I am 25. 😉