Planking in the Park

Are the kids bored? Are you looking for something fun to do? Need a little excitement?? Try planking!

Planking, in case you didn’t already know, is the act of finding a ridiculous place to lay completely flat on your face while someone else takes a photo. It’s totally addicting!

We planked on the tennis court.

And the kids became instant planking experts by stepping up their game with this tricky “double plank”.

Planking on the playground!

Planking for preschoolers.

Gravity-defying planking!


Planking on a park bench.

And my personal favorite…. rock planking!

Plank safely, my friends!


  1. HaHa!!! This is awesome! I am going to have to try this with my kids!!!
    Thanks for the giggle!

  2. Rofl! I can tell they are laughing in a lot of the pictures. LOVE this! And seriously plan on doing this with R as soon as possible. I’ll pass along the pictures 🙂 Thank you for the hilarious inspiration!

  3. Dear Valerie,



  4. another great thing is owling. one must sit on things like an owl and it is less messy than planking. google it.

  5. Hannah @ Making Boys Men says

    I always love your posts, but this one made me chuckle out loud! I think my kids would love this, this is the stuff that makes awesome memories!

  6. This made me laugh so hard! I love it! I’m going to teach the boys 🙂

  7. *Love* this! Have the girls ever seen/done the “happy dance”? In 2010 we did the “happy dance” all over the place & made a cute New Year video. It was so much fun. How cranky can one be when they plank or do a happy dance?

    My favorite part is still the bloopers (around 4 minutes):

    • That is SO funny!!! What a great idea, and something tells me the happy dance would be very popular around here! 🙂