Pretend Play — Invisible Taxi

Wondering what to do with the kids?? Recently, my kids built an invisible taxi, and spent a very long time happily “driving” each other all around an intensely busy pretend city. I thought you may like to build an invisible taxi of your own to inspire plenty of imaginative playtime fun too! To make your own, set up 2 chairs next to each other. Add a paper plate for a steering wheel. Pick up passengers and drive them around in your invisible taxi!

Open the door, carefully. After all, you can’t just barge into the taxi without opening the door first!

Next, make sure your passenger remembers to close the door.

Then, secure all luggage, and be sure to strap on your seatbelt. Safety first, people!


Vroom Vrroooooooommmmm!!

Emily visited the pretend library, pretend aquarium, pretend hotel, and lots of other pretend tourist attractions while Clara drove her all around the city in her invisible taxi. At one point, they had a flat tire that needed to be replaced, and ran out of gas, but thanks to their quick problem-solving skills, that didn’t stall them for very long.

Oh, and a goose crossing..?! Crazy kids!

Have fun!!


  1. Dear Valerie,

    I’ll be honest, running out of gas and getting a flat tire makes this feel like a second-rate taxi business!


  2. No wonder I can never find a taxi, they’re all invisible.