DIY School Supplies: Modern Notebooks

It’s almost time for back-to-school, and the kids have been hard at work making many of their own school supplies for the upcoming year! This was one of Emily’s favorite projects because (just like her mother) she seems to have inherited a love of decorative tape. Oh, how I LOVE beautiful tape!!

 Did you know that Target now offers an entirely new line of modern crafting supplies for kids?? It just so happened that Emily has been itching to craft with duct tape lately, so when I saw this beautiful set of patterned duct tape, I just knew she would create all sorts of interesting things with it!

 We found plain composition notebooks at our local dollar store, and Emily enjoyed layering the tape over the front and back covers to decorate them. She even did the same to a set of mini-notebooks. So pretty!!

Any excess tape was easily wrapped around and folded over to the inside cover of the notebook.

I love how this simple project kept her busy, and that she had an active role in making her own school supplies. She was so proud of her pretty new notebooks!

Something tells me that she may not be able to wait for school to start before filling these with her own stories, notes, and comics!

Have fun!!


  1. Don’t you just love duct tape! Now there are so many colors. My daughter did the same thing a few years ago. She was a senior in high school and her friends loved it. I will show it to the preschoolers and see their reaction. Thanks.
    Come visit me at sometime.

    • Yes, it is the best!!! I have a feeling Emily may want to make a new notebook at the start of every school year as a back-to-school tradition from now on. 🙂 I’m off to visit your site!!

  2. My 7th grader (somehow that sounds very old to me) wants to do this to his 3 ring binders (and I just realized last night that patterned Duck Tape is on sale this week at Staples–might have to stock up).

  3. I love thsoe mini notebooks. I need to visit our local Dollar Store to see if they ahve them again.

  4. These are so so stylish. Don’t you just love all the new styles of tape out there? I wonder if you could wrap a pencil in the same tape to match? Hmmm… Vicky from

  5. What an awesome idea – these notebooks are completely transformed!

  6. Great idea!


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