Summer Fun with Kids — Making Mega Bubbles

Making mega bubbles is fun for the whole family!

We did this little activity many times last Summer (inspired by a now-retired blog), and watching the girls’ reactions always makes me smile.

Bubble solution is made with 6 cups distilled water, 2 cups Joy dishwashing detergent, and 3/4 cup light corn syrup. Stir the solution gently and let sit for a couple of hours for best results. Store any leftover bubble solution in an air-tight container.

For the bubble wands, we used dowel rods, eye hooks, cotton string, and a washer.

Have fun!!


  1. This looks like super fun and it sounds really easy to make. Might just have to get the stuff for it this weekend. Hopefully it isn’t raining so we can try it. Although we seriously need the rain.

  2. Has anyone tried another dish soap? I have looked every where it seems as though we don’t have Joy detergent in Canada!

  3. We never did get this to work last summer – maybe it’s time to try again!