Sponge Bomb Yo-Yos

There was renewed interest in the sponge bombs when we made them into yo-yos! This time I held the sponge bombs together with ouchless hair elastics instead, and they worked very well indeed. A piece of elastic attached made them instant yo-yos!! (As with anything else, be sure to supervise the kiddos while playing.)

When I handed Clara her yo-yo, her entire face lit up, and she let out a big “Woooooooow!!!”.

The girls had lots of fun bouncing their sponge bomb yo-yos up and down… and spinning to swing them around!

They looked a little bit like kid-powered sprinklers.

Splash them into a bucket of water to get really wet!

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Have fun!!


  1. Dear Valerie,

    I have to imagine that the style of play with this is entirely different if it is two boys playing.


  2. Ha ha, yes it is if there are two boys playing.

    It’s more of a hitting and bopping type of play.

  3. Love this idea! I need to hit the Dollar Store!