Fun with Frozen Yogurt Containers

Does your family eat a lot of frozen yogurt? Do you have several empty containers? Looking for fun things to do with them?? Here are our 3 favorite projects using empty frozen yogurt containers.

Also?? We LOVE the new Stonyfield frozen Oikos! Have you tried it? It is Ahhhhh-mazing! Highly recommend the superfruits flavor…. and now I’ll be eating some as soon as I finish up with this post. Ahem.

What was I writing about?? Oh yes, crafty goodness… that will encourage lots of active outdoor fun!

1. Sponge Bomb Target Range: Make up some sponge bombs (here’s the how-to). And then….

…arrange the empty containers into a pyramid and use the sponge bombs to knock ’em down carnival-style!

 2. Sailboats — Use the lids as a base for mini sailboats! Add some clay to hold a cork in place, then a toothpick to hold the sail. My girls loved that these really float, and they spent a long time racing them back and forth in their water table!



 3. Fossil Prints — Use the lids to make fossil prints. When you collect any fallen leaves, small branches, or sea shells, press some air-dry clay into the bottom of the lid. Place your object on top and with a piece of wax paper, press gently on the air-dry clay to make an imprint. Carefully peel off the wax paper and object….

…. and allow the clay to dry for some unique fossil prints! If you’d like, you can punch a hole in the rim of the lid to hang the fossils for display.

Have fun!!


  1. Dear Valerie,

    You…you didn’t get me any? More like oinkos! 😉


  2. We save tin cans from making spaghetti for the first project. Sometimes they get painted (I have a clean edge can opener, so no sharp edges).

  3. Love the last idea – your prints look awesome. It looks like a fun summer for your girls!


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