*NEW* Craft Video Tutorials!

Exciting news! Our YouTube channel has partnered with PBS Digital Studios (I adore PBS!!), to bring you a NEW quick & easy kid craft video tutorial EVERY WEEK. Many of the videos are less than a minute long and can be made with materials you probably already have on-hand. I hope this is helpful for busy parents or teachers looking for ideas on what to do with their kids!

This week’s video is a super quick, easy, and oh-so-pretty Sun ornament craft the kids can make with coffee filters and watercolor paint:

I love how bright and cheerful these look when displayed in a sunny window!!

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Do you have a project idea you would like for us to feature in a future video?? Leave a comment and share your ideas with us!


  1. I will give in and subscribe. It’ll be right up there with Threadbanger, my sign language channel, and Blimey Cow. As you can see, I have HUGE numbers of Youtube subscriptions.

    Oh wait, I also get Martha Pullen videos. You can also see the slant of my videos, sewing, and more sewing. Sigh, I miss having free time to sew. I’d ask where did all my free time go, and then I look at the fact that I’m on the computer at midnight, and go “ohhhhhh yeah, the computer sucked it up.”