Guest Post By Mark: How to Be A Super Awesome Blog Husband

Hello ladies.  I don’t usually write guest posts, but when I do it looks something like this:

Leave Comments — The ladies love this. Of course this involves actually reading her posts and NOT JUST LOOKING AT THE PICTURES!  Guys are, for the most part, fairly competitive.  See if you can get the first comment.  I’m looking at you, Ticia and Wonder Mom!

Write a Guest Post — or at least offer to write one.

Trouble-shooting — Does your wife want to move her blog from Blogger to WordPress? Is she working to set up an e-newsletter? Offer to help! Even if technology is not your thing, seek out other online resources for help.

Show Some Interest — Ask her how things are going with her blog. What are her biggest hopes for it? Tip: Actually listen to her.

Celebrate Milestones Together — Did your wife’s blog make 1,000 page views in a day? Did she win a blogging award? Did her web traffic double in the last month? Milestones are important to recognize and should be celebrated, even if they appear insignificant to you.  Bring home some tasty dark chocolate, unless she is diabetic or allergic to it.  Then I’d advise bringing home something else.

Give Her A Space Of Her Own — It doesn’t have to be big, but it should be special. A desk with room for a laptop or computer, plenty of good lighting, and a few good social media books will go a very long way.  It also keeps her away from your desk.

Subscribe — Sign up for your wife’s RSS feed, follow her on Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest/G+.  Mail filters are quite powerful these days!

Take Some Photos — Your wife may have a hard time getting into the photos for her own blog unless you are there to take a few photos for her. Offer to take some once in awhile.  Make sure to take pictures that she wants you to take, and not just what you want to take photos of, if you know what I mean and I know that you do.

Spread the Word — Do you know co-workers or other friends who may be interested in your wife’s blog? Let them know about it!


  1. Dear Mark,

    First comment!!!!!! #winning


  2. I need to share this with my husband.

  3. Love it 🙂 Great post! Forwarding to my husband. He is already super awesome, but probably a year behind on reading the blog.

  4. haha, nice one. This would be handy if I could get my husband to read it…lol. I’ve been using him as my grammar checker and make-senserer (do you love my made up words?) but otherwise I’m not sure if he even reads it on his own. I shall find out! lol

  5. I totally clicked through just to see if Val was the first comment! 🙂

  6. Nice, now I have to send this to my husband! 😉

  7. Oh man, I totally didn’t win! Such sadness, I obviously need to set my alarm to get up earlier and read these posts…….

    But that would require getting up earlier, I don’t think I like that idea after all.

    • Dear Ticia,

      The early bird gets the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese.


  8. Haha! I definitely need to send this to my husband! I think I’ll put a little censor bar over the mail filter part though! Lol.

  9. Fabulous. Forwarding to my husband right now! Ta

  10. This is awesome! Sharing it with my husband (who is super supportive btw). He will get a kick out of it. Nice job!

  11. You forgot one! Be nice to her friends at blogging events, even if they get lost over and over again at Walt Disney World. Just sayin…. you know someone might just do that….

    Great post!

    • Dear Kelly,

      Even when you are lost, your daughter is always smiling. We can learn a lot from our children.


  12. aw Mark you do sound like a super awesome blog husband. I have a SABH too. He does all the things you have suggested – and he bakes! keep up the good work

    • Dear “The Monko”,

      Yes, baking is definitely required. Everybody loves cookies!


  13. Sarah/USA Love List says

    Aw, that’s one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen!

  14. This rocks! I’m so glad you have a supportive husband who loves how creative you are! This is an awesome post to share!

  15. LOL loved this!

  16. uneeka jay (@powermommy) says

    I think he should teach a class for PSMM. ALL husbands need to read this!

  17. Oh, snap, crackle, pop! Valerie BEAT me on the first comment!

    (Great post, Mark! My husband relates a lot to you- he especially enjoyed your picture taking advice- now I can’t get the camera away from him…) ;0)

    • Dear “Wonder Mom”,

      You have no idea how many photos I’ve had to delete because somebody insists that I take photos of the crafts.


  18. I just slid my computer over to my husband and made him read this. 🙂 Thanks for posting!!!

  19. Valerie- I want to marry your husband. Seriously- Marry him.

  20. What a fantastic post! Well done hubby! My husband will enjoy reading this 🙂

  21. How awesome! I think someone deserves an extra special Father’s Day. =)

  22. Alas, my husband hates blogging, and we sometimes even fight over it. Valerie is super lucky to have such a supportive husband!

  23. Mark – you are SUPER awesome. Kevin is very supportive, but this is going above and beyond. And, you’re a grill mastahhh.