Ginormous Tissue Paper Flowers

Know what’s better than tissue paper flowers?? GIANT tissue paper flowers!


They make festive (and frugal) party decorations, and have the power to turn any ordinary picnic into a fabulous fiesta! We used the same instructions here, but with entire sheets of tissue paper to make HUGE flowers.


I love how bright and cheerful these look, and that something as simple as tissue paper could make the girls SO happy!


And I’m totally saving these for Mother’s Day decorations too.


When they are ready to be taken down, they can be recycled into other fun crafty projects (you can find some ideas here).

Have fun!!


  1. tissue paper is so fun.

  2. These are so great for Cinco de Mayo, too!

  3. These look gorgeous. So bright and colourful. I might have to make some with my little miss today. It is very cold and wet here at the moment so a perfect indoor activity for us.

  4. We are making centerpieces for an event at my son’s school – these are perfect!!!