Colorful Bird Card Craft

The girls and I had lots of fun crafting up these colorful bird cards to mail to their grandparents! Added bonus — this is a no mess craft!! Yay for crafts with very little clean up!!!

Emily and Clara cut up some paper cupcake liners to form the birds. 1/2 a cupcake liner makes the body of the bird, 1/4 cupcake liner makes the tail, wing, and head.

Emily helped Clara attached pieces of double-sided tape to the backs of the cupcake liners, and Clara was able to arrange them onto the card to form the bird — almost like a puzzle. The girls thought these birds were SO cute!

Just add some feet with a crayon or marker. Easy peasy!

So bright and cheerful — just in time for Spring!

Have fun!!


  1. Dear Valerie,

    My belly wants you to do a different kind of craft with cupcake liners.

    Something involving cupcakes or muffins.


  2. Very nice! From what I recall, Mark’d better get out his own mixer for his wish 🙂

  3. Very cute craft idea. I love that I already have the materials on hand. We can pull this out any time we are in need of an activity!

  4. Love it too!
    Simple and beautiful!


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