Super Quick Donuts

For a fun treat, Mark and I whipped up this batch of delicious donuts with the kiddos, and they haven’t stopped smiling ever since! I have never made donuts before, and these are very quick and super-simple to make! The recipe can be found here.

Have fun!!


  1. YUM!

  2. They look delicious.

    I see that you made a few Tim Bits, too. Eh? 😉

  3. We did this once for Christmas Around the World, and now I’m trying to remember what country it was for……. I mainly remember them being yummy.

  4. Been making them for years. We call them donut holes. Just cut each biscuit into four pieces and fry, add them into a brown paper bag with cinnamon sugar, toss, and pour into a bowl for everyone to grab some. Ah, good memories.

    FYI- Ticia, the country might have been Germany where they are considered a carnival food.

  5. I bought some canned biscuits a few weeks ago to do just this, just haven’t gotten around to making them yet. This week I will though!

  6. Valerie! Thanks so much for bringing my attention to this delicious concoction–they were so, so yummy! We made them in honor of National Donut Day (first Friday in June, in case you want to mark your calendar for next year 🙂 )