The 2011 Creative Christmas Countdown

Looking for some active and unique ways to celebrate Christmas with the kids this year?? I’m so excited to announce the start of the 2011 Creative Christmas Countdown!! Alissa from Creative with Kids is hosting this fun blog event to bring you and your family 24 days of holiday magic — with the help of 23 amazing bloggers who are super-passionate about fostering creativity in kids, and I am honored to be included with them.

This is going to be SO much FUN!!

You can follow along by clicking the button in the sidebar of my blog, and each day you’ll find a fun and festive activity! Want a little peek at some of the activities we have planned?? You can visit Alissa’s blog for a printable activity list here.

As part of the countdown, I’ll be hosting a kid-friendly holiday activity on the 13th — you won’t want to miss it!

Of course, I’ll continue to post frugal crafts, diy holiday gifts, giveaways, and so much more throughout December… we have BIG things planned for this month!!

It’s always nice to send a little link love to some of my wonderful bloggy friends:

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And now… let the 2011 Creative Christmas Countdown begin!!



  1. This is a wonderful group and a wonderful idea!

  2. Dear Valerie,

    If I start “Frugal Family Fail Blog” and highlight all of your failed less-than-perfect crafts, can I be #25?


  3. ROTF at Mark’s comment!

  4. Wait a second… YOU have failed crafts??? No way… That gives me hope! My son has a short attention span and sometimes a craft can take us 2-3 different sessions over a few days to complete, if it get’s completed at all! I won’t even mention the challenge of getting him to focus and follow instructions… I also won’t mention the botched felt balls we tried to make for the Christmas tree last week… haha. Didn’t quite have the technique down I guess!

    I for one would love to see a guest post by your husband on this particular subject! It would definitely make me feel better to remember when I’m sitting in the middle of a craft tornado in my living room, wondering how a “no mess” craft ended up stuck in my carpet, on the walls, and in my hair… : )

  5. This is really awesome. This December is crazy, but I have to Pin this to look for some ideas later.