Giveaway — Crayola Story Studio

It’s time for another FUN giveaway — this time from my friends at Crayola!! TEN (10) lucky Frugal Family Fun Blog readers will win one (1) Crayola Story Studio Kit! The kits include everything kids need to star in their own story books that they can print, color, and bind (paper, glossy cover pages, coloring goodies, and reusable binding strips).

To enter for your chance to win, leave a comment telling us which Story Studio kit you would like to win (Disney Princesses or Spider-Man)! For an extra entry, leave a separate comment sharing your favorite childhood Crayola memory. Giveaway is open to US residents only, and winners will be chosen at random. This giveaway ends Tuesday, December 27th @ 6:30pm EST. See Official Giveaway Rules.

Good luck!!

[Update: This giveaway has closed, and the winners are: Melissa B., Shelly F., Shannon C., Tracie T., Tina H., Candice G., Sherry D., Jodie M., Lori D., and Kimberly S.!! Congratulations!!!! A big thank you to everyone who entered this giveaway — another FUN giveaway starts soon!!]


  1. I would love to win a spiderman story studio kit!

  2. Candice Grimes says

    My daughter would love to win the Princess kit.

  3. I always loved coloring as a child, my mom never bought anything but crayola….I would sit and color for hours!

  4. I almost bought one of these for my niece for Christmas! She’s a girly girl, so Disney Princesses are a must.

  5. Also, my favorite Crayola memory is my daughter’s first attempt at drawing. Yay for washable Crayola crayons!

  6. I’m in Canada so I don’t qualify to win… but my favourite Crayola memory is the art carousel. I loved that spinning holder of all things artsy (well, in my 6-yr old world anyway). I can still smell the paints that were part of it… 🙂

  7. My daughter would love the princess one!!

  8. My daughter would love the princess one!

  9. My memory is opening a box of new crayons…the best!

  10. Tough choice! I know several fans of both, but since my grandaughter’s are living with me right now, I’ll go with Princess. They love everything Princess at the moment.

  11. My daughter is a Princess fanatic and would love the princess story kit, though she does love to play Spiderman with her cousins!

  12. We’re all about princesses here!

  13. I would love the spiderman story for my boys!

  14. Favorite crayola memories are sitting in the back seat with my sister on road trips with a brand new box and a fresh crisp notebook. Games, coloring contests, scribble picture games…great times.

  15. My favorite Crayola memory was when they released their box of 108(?) or so crayons and several of them were unnamed. There was a contest to name them, so I tried to come up with names for all the crayons. I didn’t win, but it was fun to think up names!

  16. I’d want Spiderman… I’ve got two nephews!

  17. My favorite memory was to take all the broken crayons (we only always had Crayola) and melt them down into big mixed-color crayons.

  18. sherry deines says

    We have 2 girls that have a lot of friends and you can NEVER go wrong with the Princesses!!!

  19. My son has just started writing as in kindergarten they are working on The sight words..his story the other day was ” once upon a time DUR was a bear…” He would love the spiderman book and these are great to put away in memory boxes for him to reflect on when older 🙂

  20. I would take either Spiderman for my boy or Princess for my daughter.

  21. Smelling the smell of crayola crayons brings me instantly back to childhood.

  22. Disney

  23. I would like the Spiderman set.

  24. I remember shaving the crayons (or sharpening them and collecting the shavings) and putting them between wax paper and ironing over it. It made beautiful art that my mom would hang all over the house!

  25. I still love the smell, but as a kid our dad would draw random little sketches for us to find in the mornings…and I loved that!

  26. My girls would love a Princess book!

  27. Since I have boys and a girl, either kit would be wonderful, but my little girl is my artist so if I had to pick, it would be the princess one!

  28. It would be wonderful to win the Crayola Disney Princesses story studio kit.

  29. Greatest Crayola memory from childhood is just that PERFECT box of brand new crayons. Still love them.

  30. M.F.Peterson says

    My daughter would love the princesses, but my nephew would like the super heroes!

  31. princess please!

  32. M.F.Peterson says

    My favorite Crayola memory was getting a brand-new 6

  33. M.F.Peterson says

    My favorite Crayola memory was getting a brand-new 64 count box of crayons every Christmas – such beautiful colors!

  34. Melting crayons in the sun on wax paper-so fun!

  35. Princess one for my girl

  36. Loved getting a new box of crayons..all the cool names of the colors

  37. Shannon Cunningham says

    i would love to win the spider-man set for my son and daughter to share! [they both are into spider-man haha]

  38. Shannon Cunningham says

    my favorite memory about crayola as a kid was opening a brand new box of crayons [the 64 count was the best!] along with a brand new coloring book….i was happy for hours!

  39. My daughter would really enjoy the Disney princesses kit!

  40. My favorite Crayola memory is of my mom helping us craft with the leftover bits of crayons that had been used well and loved. One craft involved making “stained glass” by melting shredded crayons with the iron. So cool!

  41. My daughter would love to get the princess book.

  42. Princesses are all the rage ’round these parts! 🙂

  43. Either one! I have a 3 year old daughter and 5 year old son so they would both love these.

  44. Princess. Always loved crayola best, remember when i got my first box with 16. I was so excited! Later got a 48 and loved cerulean blue i think it was!

  45. either one of these kits would work for our family since i have both a son and daughter!

  46. my favorite crayola memory was when they introduced colors other than the traditional 8 pack of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, and black. i was over the moon excited!

  47. My son would love the Spiderman kit

  48. It’s hard to think of a favorite memory involving crayola in my youth since my life revolved around crayola. I had the crayon carousel and I would draw and color for hours, but I lived it when my big brother would lay in the floor with me and join in. He was usually “too cool” for coloring with his sister. 🙂

  49. I’d love to win the Disney Princess Story Studio for my daughter! Thank you for the chance! 🙂

  50. Luckily for my daughter, my son is too young so if we won she would get the princess one.

  51. One of my favorite Crayola memories is my cousin Alicia and I always got a new pack of crayons (always Crayola!) and a coloring book before going on vacation. We would each pick 2 or 3 colors and color our whole picture with only those. When we were done we would argue about whose was better….but not claiming our own as the best. I would argue that hers was better and she would argue that mine was better. Great memory!!

  52. Mia will love princesses stoty book

  53. We don’t cater to gender stereotypes, so we would be happy with either! My girls love princesses as well as Spider Man. 🙂

  54. My son would love the Spiderman kit–he’s a big spiderman nut.

  55. My two daughters, Hazel and Elsie would love the princess kit!

  56. My favorite crayola memory is when Mr. Rogers visited the crayola factory! It was amazing to see how they made crayons when I was a little girl. I will always remember that episode!

  57. The Disney Princess kit:-)

  58. My favorite Crayola memory happened on Christmas morning. I opened up my gift and it was a glass holder full of Crayola Crayons. I think it had every color they made in it. I had to get coloring right away. I still get excited every time I see something new or a new product.

  59. I would love to win the Spiderman

  60. SHELLY FOSTER says

    I would just love the Spiderman one for my son…. His birth father (he is adopted) gives him spiderman stuff so I love to get him something special every year that is Spiderman 🙂

  61. Oh man, I have both a girl and 2 boys. I guess I would choose the Disney Princesses though.

  62. SHELLY FOSTER says

    Well you will see a trend — my first Crayola moment 🙂 I lived in a foster home (my birth mom was 15) And my foster mom was friends with a beautiful couple across the street from them. The couple across the street was looking for a toddler girl to adopt (I was almost 3) So when I moved in they called and said Please come se her we have found our granddaughter.. Well they came and they brought with them some Crayola crayons and some colouring books 🙂 I am very blessed to say they fell in love and I was adopted withing 3 months (paperwork took awhile since i was in differnt part of state) So that is my first Crayola expierence 🙂

  63. Although my daughter would flip for the Disney Princess one, my son would love having the Spiderman one to work on while the other kids do their school work. So, Spiderman it is. Yea Crayola. My Mother-In-Law still has an old Crayola tin she keeps her crayons in. The kids think it is awesome.

  64. Disney princess for my daughter. She would love it! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  65. would love to have the pricess kit for my daughter!

  66. i had this raggedy old plastic chair when i was a little girl. you would expect it to be in the trash, but i loved it SO much. when you lifted the seat, there were crayons. every color you could possibly imagine. i felt that was just like a secret treasure. i would put a piece of paper on the seat, sit on the ground in front of it and draw and color for hours.

  67. My son would love the Spiderman story kit.

  68. I would love either one since I have a boy and girl!

  69. My favorite crayola thing growing up was a storage case for my colors. It folded back like a table top tray do display them all while I was coloring. I wish they still had these so my kids could use them.

  70. spiderman

  71. I would like the princess one for my little princesses. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  72. Noelle Burns says

    My daughters would love the Disney Princess kit!

  73. Noelle Burns says

    When I was little my grandparents had a “big” 120 case of Crayola Crayons (which is no biggie now but 20+ yrs ago was awesome!). I remember taking these every where and sitting in the back of their pickup while we went on vacation just coloring away!

  74. Erin Zackey says

    my girly girl would love the princess kit!

  75. Erin Zackey says

    as a kid I was so proud to be able to carefully color in the lines with my crayolas and when they were nubs melt them down into wax paper “stained glass” creations!

  76. i have a little boy who is knee deep in super hero mania! he’d LOVE the spidey kit!!

  77. Tracie Trump says
  78. Tracie Trump says

    Fav crayola memory was getting a new box every school year!

  79. My mom always bought only Crayola. I loved the 64-count box!

  80. My girl would love the princess one!

  81. Fave memory is crayola 64 box with horse coloring books from Kmart!

  82. Ooh, we would love the princess kit!

  83. I loved making recycled crayons in muffin tins

  84. I would love to win the Princess Studio Kit!

  85. My favorite Crayola memory is a new box of crayons and a christmas coloring book from my grandpa – every year when I was little he’d give us kids one a few weeks before Christmas.

  86. I love anything that inspires kids to write and think of stories – would love Spidey.

  87. My best crayon memory – though certainly not my parents’ – is of placing paper on the heater in the garage (our play area) and then drawing with crayons on the hot paper. I even grated a bit of crayon and melted the bits on the paper. I loved the smell – of course that’s what gave me away to parents, who weren’t too keen on crayon bits melting into the stove. Amazingly I never caught anything on fire!! Guess that was early encaustics.

  88. I know a little boy who would love the Spidey one!

  89. Moriyah Shalom says

    With three boys – Spiderman is the one. Love Crayola!

  90. Moriyah Shalom says

    My favorite Crayola memory is simple. I LOVED opening the 64 crayola box and seeing all those beautiful colors. So many to choose from, so many options! I also loved how the box came with a sharpener and I was obsessively sharpening them. thanks for taking me back. I need to get my boys a box.

  91. Teresa Young says

    I’d like to win the Spider Man Story Studio.
    tmyoung at rochester dot rr dot com

  92. Teresa Young says

    My favorite childhood Crayola memory is the Christmas I received a box of 96 Crayola crayons – my favorite colors were silver & gold.

  93. Spiderman!

  94. Ah, memories…I remember getting the box of 64 crayons and being so very excited to have so many different colors and the sharpener! Good times 🙂 I would arrange all those crayons in order by hue.

  95. I would love to win the princess one!

  96. I would love to win the princess kit!

  97. I would love to win the spiderman or the princess, I have a boy and girl!

  98. my favorite memories are making new crayons with the leftover bits and pieces or gazing at unbroken perfectly pointed crayons in the box before my brother and I started coloring!

  99. Princess Crayola for my daughters!

  100. Opening a fresh box of markers. Great knowing none of them were dried out yet. Always enjoyed the new colors they’d come up with.

  101. Rhonda Grisham says

    Disney Princess for sure!

  102. My daughter would love the princess set for sure.

  103. Kimberly Schotz says

    My girls would love the Princess Set

  104. Kimberly Schotz says

    My favorite Crayola Memory is getting a new big box at the beginning of the school year

  105. My daughter would love the princess one!

    satsukirebel AT gmail DOT com

  106. My favorite memory is painting with watercolors and crayola crayons. Now I’ve been able to teach the same technique to my daughter.

    satsukirebel AT gmail DOT com

  107. Oh, my son would love that Spiderman one!

  108. Our little girl would definitely love this. So I would definitely want to get the Disney Princesses. Out little man just isn’t old enough for this yet!!

  109. I love to win my little guy the Spiderman one. What a great giveaway…thanks for the chance to win :>)

  110. I would love to win either one! If I had to pick, I guess I would pick the Spiderman – C would love it!!!

  111. we love crayola's color wonder. We always grab a new pack of those when we are going to be flying.

  112. Ack! Im torn actually since my daughter, who’s just turning 5 next month, is a fan of both the ‘super heroes’ and the ‘super princesses’ 🙂 Thanks for the great content, inspiratoin and giveaways,