Giveaway: Artterro Bookmaking Kit

It’s time for another fun giveaway — this time from my friends at Artterro, a small mom-owned company that designs and wholesales eco-friendly art kits for kids! Artterro features 12 different art and craft kits to choose from, all of which are made with minimal packaging, and the inserts are printed on 100% post consumer waste paper with energy use off set by wind power.

We were provided with a free Artterro bookmaking kit (designed for kids ages 8 and up), and Emily enjoyed hours of fun creating five beautiful books!

The kit came with everything she needed, with the exception of scissors and a glue stick (which we already had on-hand). There were lots several beautiful sheets of paper, and fancy embellishments — very colorful and inspiring!

She quickly got to work making lots of journals to gift to family members for the holidays, and she was SO proud of how nicely her books turned out! I helped bind them together, following the instructions on the package, but the rest she was able to do on her own. I loved the open-ended aspect of this craft kit — rather than following step by step instructions, the kit encourages lots of creativity. There is even an option to create a photo frame by re-using the box!Now the FUN part — One very lucky Frugal Family Fun Blog reader will win an Artterro Bookmaking Kit!! To enter for your chance to win, leave a comment on this post sharing your best eco-friendly tip for the holidays. Giveaway is open to US residents only, and winner will be chosen at random. (See Official Giveaway Rules.) This giveaway ends Wednesday, December 21st @ 6:30pm EST.

Good luck!!


  1. I like to re-use the brown paper that comes as packing in boxes – it can be flattened out and re-used as wrap

  2. Wow, this looks really exciting! Looks like Emily is having a great time!!

  3. We reuse food containers and make them into present recepticles, such as pringles container wrapped in wrapping paper with a bow on top filled with cookies! We’d love to win!

  4. Wow! These look awesome! Eco-friendly tip… which one?! πŸ™‚ Well, we love to make new Christmas cards from last year’s cards. I save the envelopes (for addresses!) and the kids go to work with scissors, glue sticks, and paper to fashion new cards from the old ones. They cut out shapes, sayings, pretty designs, etc. It’s really fun!

  5. My children like to take toilet paper tubes, fill them with inexpensive candy, or a person’s favorite candy, and wrap them. These cute gifts have worked well for stocking stuffers, gifts to friends at school, and for the bow on a birthday present. We’d love to win, too. Merry Christmas!!

  6. What an awesome giveaway!

    For eco-friendly holidays we recycle everything we can- egg cartons are a great materials for bells, old paintings make wonderful greeting cards backgrounds and wrapping paper, food containers make lovely boxes for small presents. We paint over glass jars, soup cans to turn them into lovely pencil holders for friends and relatives.

  7. Christina in KY says

    This kit looks so cool! I love to craft, and love to learn new crafts. My fav eco Christmas recycling craft is to take our tree to the back yard after Christmas of course, and decorate it with fruits, popcorn, berries, and seeds for the birds. It looks pretty, gives the birds shelter and food. In the spring, we cut the tree up for our fire pit, it smells sooo good. Best of all, no waste!

  8. we are just cutting back, and trying to use things around home before buying something at the store. saves gas, saves money, saves waste!

  9. domestic diva says

    My best tip is make things at home instead of buying them. They mean more and are more eco-friendly.

  10. Oh we would love this!! my best ecofriendly tip for the holidays is to use holiday fabric as wrapping paper. It’s fun, festive and reusable!! πŸ™‚

  11. So amazing! My kids would love a kit like that. Our best eco-friendly tips are making our own Christmas cards from leftover scrapbooking paper and decorating/painting brown paper bags to use as wrapping paper (which we learned from you! Thanks!!).

  12. I usually save the Christmas cards we receive, and then reuse them for craft projects the following year.

  13. This looks like something my daughter would love. My holiday ecofriendly tip is to save ribbon, bags, and even some wrap and reuse it next year. I also save cards to use for craft projects.

  14. Last year we recycled our Christmas tree, putting it out on the back deck and adding homemade bird treat “ornaments”

  15. M.F.Peterson says

    We reuse gift bags over and over every year instead of using paper.

  16. Love the bookmaking kit. What a great idea. Hmmm, as far as an eco friendly tip for the holidays, most of what I would say has already been posted…reusing gift bags, etc.

    We did put together an advent calendar this year and most of the items that were placed in the drawers were things my kids found in the house to retell the Christmas story, rather than purchasing the different symbols of Christmas

  17. Best tip is not to buy ANY wrapping paper. If I don’t have it, I won’t use it. I can find other ways to wrap!

  18. Melissa Foster says

    We reuse pasta sauce jars and put gifts inside. We also reuse other plastic containers etc, to hold cookies or baked goods.

  19. We use my daughter’s artwork to wrap presents! Love these kits!

  20. What a neat kit – I love to see kids making books!! My most fun eco-project this holiday was to take the front of an old Christmas card and alter it to be a postcard, since I hadn’t found any neat Christmas PC’s.

  21. i wrap presents in the sunday’s comics. then when it’s torn off, instead of just throwing it away, i recycle it.

  22. We have been making paper snowflakes out of the junk mail that we would normally recycle. My son loves seeing what he has created when he opens up the folded paper. We have also been making most of the gifts we will be giving this year – saves money and is far more thoughtful!

  23. Reuse those gift bags! Sometimes I feel like people will think I am cheap, but then I think about all those pretty bags being used so briefly being placed in the landfills….and then I get over it! Reuse them! :o)

  24. I don’t know this product but I guess Mia wil have a lot of fun with !


  25. Use kraft paper with ribbon or string instead of regular wrapping paper, which I heard is not recyclable. πŸ™

  26. Use fabric or other reusable items to wrap!

  27. This is fun! My girl will love it! I currently save old sheets to die them and make rag rug!

  28. Antoinette Burk says

    We do not use traditional wrapping paper, instead we recycle brown paper bags and comic pages. This book kit looks like fun!

  29. We love making homemade gifts for family and neighbors. And our own Christmas cards!

  30. Instead of buying a Christmas tree every year or storing a model of a tree, we just decorate something we think looks ‘somewhat’ like a tree. This year, we decorated our ladder.

  31. Wow, thanks for the chance! I’ve been loving using fabric instead of wrapping paper. At first, I was making bags to fit the gifts, but then I just started cutting pieces and wrapping them pretty much like paper but holding it in place with ribbons. I love it! (as a bonus, I also cut up last year’s cards to use as tags. :>))

  32. Hi Valerie! We reuse the Christmas cards the following year for decoration. And we made an advent counting calendar out of recycled toilet paper rolls – blogged here:

    Thanks for having this giveaway!

  33. The kids like to reuse brown paper bags to wrap things for the grandparents, cousins, etc … they decorate the paper and wrap the presents. I also like to buy or make reuseable bags (like shopping bags) to gift items instead of buying gift bags.

  34. Kimberly Schotz says

    We recycle our Christmas cards into art projects

  35. Sarah Schnoor says

    My extended family loves to get fancy with gift wrapping, so we circulate our sprigs, bows, and floral picks. Each year we keep the fancy package decorations on our gifts and then use them on somone elses gift the next year. Brown paper bags can also make very elegant wrapping paper with a little gold ink and stamps!

  36. We are trying to make more things for decorating and giving – paper chains for the tree, breads, cookies and other edibles to give away. And the kids make Christmas cards for teachers and friends, sometimes resuing old cards (or parts of them:) We have been wrapping gifts for birthdays in some of the kids’ old drawings, so we may try that for Christmas as well.

  37. Wow, my ideas are pretty much all gone, which I suppose is a good thing that so many people are earth conscience:) If I dig deep to find one not already taken it is that I put the picture Christmas cards into our photo album for the year instead of throwing them away either that year or next. Neat bookmaking kit!

  38. Wow, I know my three girls would love this! My favorite eco-friendly idea is to make Christmas cards prints. We save the styrofoam trays under meat (make sure to wash in soap and hot water really well) and use a pencil to draw christmas designs into the styrofoam. We then roll on paint and print them onto paper. Its a great way to introduce young kids to printmaking. (Hint, best to cut the styrofoam into rectangles before drawing and printing, otherwise the “lip” around the edges make it impossible to print with.)

  39. That’s so cool and lovely! We reuse wrapping paper, ribbons (if they’re salvageable) and cards. Love to reuse stuff!

  40. Many times, we use egg cartons for crafting. Thanks for sharing the wonderful products!

  41. We use paper towel tubes for gifts (bird feeders, candy tubes) and for crafts (carolers, owls – from your website…). We also let the kids color on the back of my husbands business drawings. Then we use that for wrapping paper.

  42. We hve really enjoyed using the “excess” artwork from throughout the year to make our christmas cards and gift wrap. I usually cut shapes such as Christmas trees or angels, etc and paste them to card stock for cards. We add embellishments and a photo of the kids inside. They are unique and everyone always comments on them.
    I have seen these Artterro kits before and they look like so much fun!

  43. We use fabric gift bags to wrap everything. They’re easy enough to make, and it keeps me from destroying tons of wrapping paper trying to actually wrap anything!

  44. Like others have mentioned – we like to re-use giftbags; last year, we started to make gift bags, but I’ve not thought to just wrap in fabric and tie with a nice cloth ribbon (versus plastic ones). More ideas to try!

  45. We have great plans for gift wrap this year… #1, buy partially used rolls at a thrift store that benefits the homeless in our area, #2 after it has been used, use it again to help light fires in our woodstove, #3 use the interior tubes to make a marble run!

  46. Re-gifting! Package it up in a new way, something that hasn’t been touched or used for a long time (perhaps something hidden away for a few months). Touch it up, add something new or different to it.

    Perhaps a set of blocks that has not really been used. Give it with a favorite book that has something in it that inspires building (Redwall books πŸ˜‰ ).

  47. I bought lunch bags and stickers, and had my sons decorate the lunch bags for a gift. πŸ™‚

  48. Eco Friendly? Buy an Artificial Tree instead of a Live one! you can use it year after year πŸ™‚

  49. Michele Almeida says

    We Have to be frugal, but I am actually enjoying it and learning so much. We are a crafty family and save everything, peanut butter jars, creamer and hot cocoa containers… We just REUSE!

  50. My daughter is in a cut/paste/glue phase so she is now in charge of making the tags for all gifts. She’s got a pile of recyclables (junk mail, Christmas cards) that she can use. Frugal AND it keeps her busy! πŸ™‚

  51. using newspaper for gift wrapping!

  52. This looks neat. We repurpose last year’s cards as new cards. I also try to reuse cookie plates that we recieve as gifts with cookies the following year.

  53. Love the book!!!!
    I always save cards that I cut and use to decorate presents. Obviously i reuse bags for gifts so i dont use so much paper and my latest invention is making tote bags for wrapping gifts that can then be used everyday!

  54. What a cool idea. My oldest loves making books! To be more eco friendly we always try to make a lot of our Christmas decorations out of recycled materials. We recently made a pair of angels from toliet tissue rolls and cereal box cardboard.

  55. my girls would love this kit! We reuse gift bags and tissue paper and we try to be thoughtful in the type of gift…something consumable or well loved that will last a long time and be passed on- not just a “disposable” gift.

  56. Buy less, buy wooden toys, and use newpaper to wrap gifts. Wrap the few and very special gifts in wrapping paper, then use that paper year after year.
    My 6yr old’s favorite thing is to write books. He is so creative and it has built his reading and writing skills termendously. He was encouraged at a young age to tell me about his special days, ie a trip to the zoo. I would write his words and he would draw the pictures. He now writes books all the time!