Giveaway — 4 Tickets to Sesame Place

We’re continuing with our series of reader appreciation giveaways in celebration of our upcoming 1,000th post here on Frugal Family Fun Blog, and today I have a super-fun giveaway for you!! This one comes from my friends at Sesame Place! We attended Opening Day at Sesame Place this year and last, and had SO much FUN there, so I am thrilled to host such a great giveaway for tickets to their Christmas event — A Very Furry Christmas!

A Very Furry Christmas opens at Sesame Place on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays beginning Friday, November 25th. The park will also open each evening from December 26 through December 31. For a complete operating schedule, please visit

A Very Furry Christmas at Sesame Place features three all-new holiday shows, a spectacular light show at their 1-2-3 Christmas Tree and the Neighborhood Street Party Christmas Parade, which includes a whole new stop! Santa Claus will also visit the park each evening to hear Christmas wishes and pose for photos at Santa’s Workshop, where kids (and adults) will enjoy talking with a cheerful interactive snowman before being greeted by joyful elf attendants.What a FUN event!!

Now the Fun Part — One very lucky Frugal Family Fun Blog reader will win a family four-pack of tickets to A Very Furry Christmas at Sesame Place!!!

Ticket Details
Four (4) single day tickets to Sesame Place
Valid through December 31, 2011
Cannot be combined with any other offer.
The tickets can not be redeemed and have no cash value.
The tickets are non-transferrable and must be used by the winner.

To enter for your chance to win, leave a comment on this post telling us which Sesame Street character is your child’s favorite. For an extra bonus entry, leave a separate comment telling us about your favorite family holiday tradition. Easy, right?? This giveaway is open to all US residents and winner will be chosen at random. Giveaway ends Tuesday, November 22nd at 6:30pm EST. (See Official Giveaway Rules.)

Good luck!!

Update: This giveaway in now closed, and the winner is… Alison!!! Congratulations!!! A big thank you to everyone who entered and to Sesame Place for sponsoring such a FUN giveaway opportunity — another super-fun giveaway starts soon!!


  1. What an amazing giveaway!!! My boys love Elmo, of course! πŸ™‚ Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  2. My favorite family tradition is one that my mom did with us as kids and I’ve done with my boys. Each year on Thanksgiving weekend we make “Christmas Rings” out of green and red construction paper. Each day one child gets to cut off the ring as we countdown to Christmas. We do this instead of the traditional Advent Calendar. Our other tradition is that each child in the family receives a special ornament each year so that when they are older they have a collection of ornaments to put on their own tree.

  3. I’m excited about this! My son loves Elmo and Cookie Monster! Thanks!

  4. Our favorite family tradition is advent calendars, and also on Christmas Eve we get together with friends for dinner and the Christmas story right before bed.

  5. What an AWESOME giveaway!!! My kids love Elmo and Cookie Monster!! We’ve done birthday parties for both πŸ™‚

  6. Cookie Monster!! :o)

  7. My favorite tradition is Christmas Eve special present (special ornament) and looking at neighborhood lights with hot chocolate. Christmas is my favorite time of year! So many fun things to do!

  8. My daughter loves Abby Cadabby because she has purple hair and wings!

  9. We LOVE Elmo!

  10. A favorite holiday tradition is baking cookies! This year we are also going to make some pies! Yum!

  11. My favorite Christmas tradition is our big family dinner on Christmas Eve before we attend our church service. Everybody is anticipating the next day, the kids are eagerly waiting for Santa, there is just such an air of excitement that always makes me sit back and soak it all in.

  12. My daughters love Oscar and the Count! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  13. My kiddo is strange! Her favorites seem to be Bert and Mr. Noodle! Of course, she likes the girl characters a lot, too! But she laughs the most at Bert and Mr. Noodle!

  14. Our favorite Christmas tradition is one we started last year…driving to Christmas Village to see the lights!

  15. My favorite tradition is on christmas eve while we are outside sprinkling magic glittery oats for the reindeer, new PJs and books are left on our beds. We tuck in happy, excited and warm for the night, and spend most of the next day just our family, in our PJs, enjoying each other and our goodies!

  16. Far away favorite here is Super Grover 2.0!

  17. Our favorite family tradition is convincing Santa to come a night early since we travel on Xmas eve.

  18. We love picking our annual ornaments that represent something we liked or did that year. It’s so much fun looking at how our interests have changed over the years, especially as our daughter grows.

  19. Elmo is always a favorite!! Nicole

  20. My favorite holiday tradition is a Christmas Eve party with my family it’s really nice to have everyone together. Nicole

  21. Cookie monster is our favorite!
    Lmwhitaker at Mac dot com

  22. Our favorite Christmas as tradition is making the cookies and decorating the gingerbread houses!!!!

    Lmwhitaker at Mac dot com

  23. My Daughter’s favorite is Elmo
    My son’s in snuffy!

  24. Our Chrismas tradition is christmas eve breakfast at a locol restaurant with some of our closest friends and Santa!

  25. My boys love Elmo!

  26. Our favorite tradition is setting up the train under the tree. They boys wish it could stay out all year!

  27. Sarah Centeno says

    My daughters favorite character is Grover.

  28. Sarah Centeno says

    My favorite tradition is choosing an ornament every year that reflects on what happened during the year.

  29. My favorite has always been Cookie Monster! And Super Grover is a close 2nd πŸ™‚
    There was no Elmo when I was growing up, so I don’t really get the appeal but he’s my son’s all-time favorite! He has an Elmo collection!

  30. My little cousin, who I would be taking to this, loves Elmo.

  31. Elmo

  32. My favorite holiday tradition is what my family does for Thanksgiving. My grandma rents out the fellowship hall of her church and invites nearly everyone she knows. There is always a new face each year and it’s wonderful when multiple families get together. πŸ™‚

  33. Our favorite family holiday tradition is decorating the house for Xmas! We start doing it right after we finish eating T-giving dinner πŸ™‚

  34. Favorite tradition is christmas eve meal, church, open gift, cookies for santa then off 2 bed

  35. Elmo is her favorite!

  36. COOKIE MONSTER!!!! no doubt about it:)

  37. My daughters love prairie Dawn and the count…!
    This is an awesome prize…!!
    Good luck everyone…!

  38. Our family tradition is to put our Christmas tree up every year on December 6th…
    This is our wedding anniversary and we enjoy the special family time putting up all our ornaments we recieved from our special day…
    We have our holiday music playing, and a delicious dinner together…
    It’s one of my favorite days of the year…

  39. Ashley Vavrock says

    lex loves bert and ernie and even carries around the figurines of them!!!

  40. My daughter thinks Super Grover is hillarious – definitely a favorite.

  41. Our favorite holiday traditions are 1) going to pick out our family Christmas tree and 2) getting a family photo taken together every Christmas Day (we store all the photos in one book)

  42. My daughter has always loved Count, and found it great when they added Count’s water play area! We also had to ride the carousel atleast a few times!

  43. Our favorite holiday tradition is cookie day. We spend all day making hundreds of cookies to give away to family, friends, and neighbors. Our family’s favorite is nut filled kiffles!

  44. My son loves Ernie and can’t sleep w/o him

  45. our newest and favorite family tradition is going to pick out the christmas tree.

  46. Jackson’s favorite is elmo and the count! Mommy loves Grover πŸ™‚

  47. oh yeah, my favorite tradition is the Lego advent calendar. Jackson waits for Daddy to get home from work and they do it together.

  48. Big Bird!

  49. Eating a super huge meal at one set of grandparents at 1pm, and then eating down the street at the other grandparents at 4pm. Then, off to church.

  50. Grover is our favorite.

  51. Since the kids were born we decorate a Gingerbread house every year.

  52. My 4 year old loves Elmo! A furry toddler!

  53. Our favorite holiday tradition is to gather with extended family the weekend before Christmas. This Christmas Eve open for smaller family together-ness.

  54. I have a 5-year-old daughter who loves Zoe and a 4-year-old son who is a big fan of Mister Noodle!

  55. We love reading the Christmas story from Luke as a family on Christmas Eve. (I always hear Linus’ voice from “Charlie Brown Christmas” in my head while reading Luke 2!) Then we help the children set out cookies and milk for Santa before scooting off to bed. It’s the one night of the year they go to sleep immediately without asking for books, water, etc., because if they don’t zonk out, Santa can’t come! Their excitement and anticipation is so contagious!

  56. Abby Cadaby!!

  57. My kids favorite Sesame character is Elmo!

  58. Our Christmas tradition…each child receives 4 presents, one from each category.

    Something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read.

    It has really helped us simplify and not go overboard with our present buying!

  59. My daughter’s favorite character is of course Elmo. She loves him and “wants to keep him”.

  60. One of our Christmas traditions is to make nametags to pin onto the stockings. Our stockings don’t have names so it is a great activity to keep my daughter engaged in helping with decorations.

  61. My youngest daughter loves Elmo, my older children like Elmo and Oscar the Grouch. We used to live in Chester County, PA and I remember taking my 2 older ones there and how much fun we had. I’m now in Kansas, (although I’ll always miss that part of PA) but my older children used to have season passes with their dad, and I think did last year, too…and they always love the park. I’m sure they would love going there again, as they are currently in PA for the school year.

  62. Our favorite holiday tradition is decorating a tree with handmade ornaments the kids have made.

  63. My daughter’s favorite character is Elmo.

  64. Our favorite family holiday tradition is putting oats out for Santa’s reindeer.

  65. My son loves Cookie Monster. He was given a stuffed one for his one year birthday and it is his favorite lovey.

  66. My favorite family tradition was inherited from my mother-in-law. The first time I visited their house during the holidays, I was shocked to see the wise men from the nativity set in the bathroom. I learned that they begin advent far from the creche and travel through the house “mysteriously” moving each night until they reach the baby Jesus in the manger on Epiphany. We now continue this tradition for our son.

  67. We love Abby Cadabby!

  68. A tradition is for each of the kids and us to use our $ to buy a present for poor children. This year we chose to feed a child for a year!

  69. My son Connor loves cookie monster….our dog chewed his cookie monster and we had to go out in the middle of the night to find another one… he would not go to sleep…. Please pick us…

  70. It’s Elmo all the way for my little one! I have to say, this has me thinking about going to Sesame Place the day after thanksgiving. Better than shopping!

  71. Our favorite family holiday tradition is to leave shoeboxes full of grass out for the 3 Magi on Three King’s day eve, and the kids get a gift in the shoebox the next day!

  72. Abby Cadabby…definitely!

  73. Every year we visit our local small city museum which holds a tree decorating contest. Santa, cookie decorating and 30+ trees make for a wonderful kick-off to the holiday season…

  74. Def ello.
    Thanks Mary
    Ladefly@aol dot com

  75. Definitely Elmo…he is very popular in our house!

  76. My Daughter loves Abby, my son Elmo.

  77. my favorite tradition is to bake & decorate cookies with the kids!

  78. My youngest daughter loves… Elmo, of course!!! πŸ™‚

  79. Our favorite holiday tradition is baking and decorating a gingerbread family that looks like each one of us!

  80. Elmo, of course!

  81. Both of my girls love Grover!

  82. Easy, Elmo and Cookie monster…although, at 19 months they (twins) already identify quite a few of the characters. They love their Sesame Street books (we don’t let them watch TV just yet)!

  83. Our children all love Elmo! My daughter has taken a liking to Ernie too =)


  84. Our favorite holiday tradition is to take pictures of the youngest / newest baby in our house under the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve in their Christmas pajamas…because they are the best present that we received all year long!


  85. I think that our son and daughters’ favorite character has all been Elmo. Although our middle child really likes Abby too!


  86. Our favorite holiday tradition is probably decorating the Christmas tree!


  87. My daughters fav is Abby!

  88. My favorite tradition is the advent calendar we do with our kids. They love everything about it

  89. My sons favorite character is cookie monster.

  90. Our favorite tradition is baking Christmas cookies.

  91. We love cookie monster and cookies too!!

  92. Elmo is Wyeth’s favorite! He seems to be the favorite of a lot of kiddos. Grover makes me laugh, though, when I watch with my son. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the giveaway! Fingers crossed!

  93. Our favorite Christmas tradition is cutting our Owen Christmas tree from a local farm, comPlete with hot cocoa afterwards!

  94. My daughter loves Elmo! πŸ™‚

  95. Our favorite family tradition is reading the Christmas story on Christmas morning, before opening presents.

  96. Elmo!!

  97. Baking cookies!!

  98. My Daughter is 3 and her favorite character is ELMO…I’m not sure why but she loves RED and adores his dance moves (LOL) so she was instantly attracted to him!

  99. Our favorite holiday tradition is to go to LaSalette (attleboro, ma) and take in the beautiful Christmas Music and all the different christmas scenes lit up. Something free and fun! Something I have been doing since I was small so it’s really fun to take my daughter!

  100. My daughter Sophie (3 years old) loves Elmo and my son Nolan (18 months) loves Cookie Monster. They are so cute together when it comes to anything Sesame Street. We have never been and would love the chance to go!

  101. Our favorite family tradition is decorating the Christmas tree… the look on their faces when its all done is priceless. Makes me want to get the tree earlier and earlier each year!

  102. My kids love Elmo of course!

  103. Our favorite holiday tradition is watch A Christmas Story! πŸ™‚