Catch the Comet

Using some leftover scraps of felt in lots of bright colors, I sewed a super-easy comet ball that has been used for several games of catch around here! I have seen much more expensive versions in toy catalogs, but it was a lot cheaper (& more fun) to make our own.

It is SO much FUN to catch!!

And even more fun to throw high up into the air!

Lots of great active (& frugal) fun!


  1. Dear Valerie,

    Thank goodness that we are not raising Charlie Brown, or else that tree would have eaten up the comet.


  2. That is so pretty and looks like a bunch of fun! The tail is just felt scraps that you sewed together? Did you fill the top part with stuffing or beans?

    I have some felt scraps too and I know my daughter would love one of these 🙂

  3. Looks like a lot of fun! I too was wondering what you filled it with, thanks!


    Yeah, I wanna know what you stuffed with too! Though my bet is – more felt scraps. :>) Pinning!

  5. Very cute! And simpler than the flying felties tutorial I have saved from Living Crafts…

  6. love that missing tooth!!! Can’t believe how big are kids are getting

  7. Very cool idea. THIS is a sewing job I should have the skills for..just!!

  8. The tails look lighter than felt. See this is what happens when you sew. You sit there and try to figure it out from the picture what it’s made of and how to make it 🙂