6 Fun Ideas to Entertain Kids at a Restaurant

If you are a parent, you know that keeping the kids entertained while waiting at a restaurant is no small task! We rarely go out to eat, but for those special occasions when we do, it’s always nice to have a few fun ideas up my sleeve for keeping the kiddos happy while we wait.

Here are some of our favorite ideas from around the web!

1. Squiggle Art — a simple and fun idea from Make and Takes!

2. Gum Wrapper Chains — I always knew I kept those gum wrappers at the bottom of my purse for a reason. Get the how-to at Gracious Rain.

3. Origami Finger Puppets — These look like so much fun to make! Learn how to make them at dvamasmama.

4. Travel BagI Heart Organizing shows how to put together a travel bag with goodies to keep the kids occupied when traveling, waiting at a doctor’s office, or restaurant.

5. Straw Wrapper Rose — How CUTE is this??? Found via How About Orange.

6. Slotted Building Toy — I love how this slotted building toy from Made by Joel (made from cardboard) can be carried in a small candy tin. Perfect for fun on-the-go!

And there are many more ideas to keep kids entertained at a restaurant on our Waiting at a Restaurant Pinterest board! ((Thank you, Yelena!!)

Wishing you and your family a fun (and frugal) weekend!


  1. great ideas. I am heading to a bunch of those blogs right now!

  2. I keep a small box of toys in our car just for such occasions. It’s perfect.

  3. Super cute finds! I especially love the straw wrapper rose and finger puppets!

  4. Fun finds! Especially the rose! Here’s my post from a while back on 13 ways to pass the time while waiting at a restaurant with kids

  5. There’s NOTHING more enjoyable than spending your hard-earned money at a restaurant only to have some inconsiderate parent parade her screaming demons on in. They’re not cute and it’s not acceptable – do everyone a favor and hit a drive-thru or go to Chuck E. Cheese. Better yet, stay home, raise them yourself and perhaps you can teach them the right way to act in public.

    • wow, so harsh. you obviously are not a kid person. any mom has been there and sometimes there are occasions when you have to bring your little ones out. if kids are never exposed to a restaurant setting how can they ever be expected to know how to act in such a place? i feel sorry for your children if you have any.

  6. Thank you soooo much for posting my fun little gum wrapper chains…and for all the other great ideas. Contrary to popular belief–it is possible to eat out with small children and not inconvenience anyone. It’s even ok to have a great time too. Your post will help others do it that much better.