Around the Web — School Lunches

Packing a school lunch can be a frugal (and many times more nutritious) alternative to bought school lunches. Here are some inspiring ideas that are sure to make your kid the envy of the lunch room!!


Learn How to Make a Kids Bento Box from AlphaMom — I love that these tips are simple and practical for “real” moms!


A great tutorial for how to make reusable snack bags from Naptime Crafters.


I made up a very similar taco cup lunch like this for Emily last year and it was a HUGE hit!!! It’s easy too! Learn how at This Lunch Rox.


For those with kiddos who have food allergies, Paper and Pigtails Party has a free printable that is super-cute!


I love this fun twist on plain ol’ peanut butter and jelly! Get the how-to at Shine.

There are MANY more school lunch ideas on our Back-to-School Lunches Pinterest board ((Thanks, Yelena!!)) including a lunch chart, ideas for DIY lunchables, and tips for organizing lunch snacks. Packed lunches have never looked (or tasted) better! Have fun!!


  1. Dear Valerie,

    In the good old days, you only had to worry about the apple crushing the PB&J. Now it is so much more complicated… but tasty!

    Kids these days with their sliced apples. We had whole apples and WE LIKED IT.


  2. Such awesome ideas!

  3. Very cool! I have to check out these links.

  4. I am hungry just looking at the photos! Your local library has the most incredible lunch/bento cookbooks for kid’s lunches and is also a great place to look for ideas!!

    xoxo michele

  5. This is so timely! Thanks for sharing the Pinterest board!

  6. In the spirit of being ‘frugal’ and not wasting anything – may I ask: What happens to the offcuts? (ie bread,cheese, meats etc that have been made pretty with the cookie cutters). Thanks, x

    • As Wendy explains in the post I linked to : “What do we do with all leftover scraps? We don’t throw them away, if you were worried about that. We usually just eat them along with our breakfasts.”

      I usually tuck the meat & cheese into the sandwich, and use the cut out from the bread for “eggs in a nest” breakfast. Hope this helps!

  7. Thanks Valerie! I hadn’t read the link yet when I asked… oops ;-p

  8. Fantastic ideas! I am now following you on pinterest, and am excited about looking through all your great ideas!

    I want to try the taco lunch!