Pajama Breakfast Picnic

When the girls woke up this morning, I surprised them with a pajama breakfast picnic — it was a great way to enjoy some time together outdoors early in the morning before the day went on to get really hot outside!

We didn’t even bother to brush our hair, get cleaned up, or even change out of our pajamas first — do you know how FUN it is to eat breakfast outside in your pajamas????

Emily thought this was SO special and exciting!!

And mini donuts helped make our breakfast picnic a little more special. Yum!!

I learned that my morning cup of tea tastes even better when sipped while sitting on a colorful picnic blanket. It’s true!

What a fun way to start the day!!


  1. Dear Valerie,

    We really need to put Emily’s pajama top in the basement. She keeps finding it and wearing it, but it is far too warm for that!


  2. But it’s hello kittyyyyyyyy!

  3. Fun! You have an awesome yard!

  4. I wonder if I could get the Man of the House to join us outside on a Saturday morning – that would be so much fun!

  5. So cute! My kids still try to wear their winter pajamas, too!

  6. LOL…I always have to wear long sleeves to bed. Weird like that. ;o)

    Fun idea! Precious family.

  7. What a fantastic idea! Getting outside early is also an opportunity to see things going on in nature that you might not see later in the day. I’ve gotta treat my boys to one of these special mornings!

  8. This is a wonderful idea. So little trouble to go through but very special times for the kids. Good job, mama!

  9. LOVE this idea! You are such a fun mom!

  10. What a lovely idea!

  11. Oh I know the perfect breakfast recipe to go with that

  12. This makes me want to do it once – I can imagine the surprise. On the other hand, my husband would insist on eating on the table 🙂

  13. Fab idea! My daughter would LOOOVE this!

  14. Fuuuun!! Henry’d get a kick out of it for sure!

  15. You know I love your blankets and the colourful fabrics you have. Nice way to start the day – cute tea mug too:) We had an ‘upside downy’ day yesterday. Emily would love it. PJ’s all day, “good night” instead of “good morning”, dinner for breakfast, breakfast for tea, icecream for morning tea, eat on the floor, brush your teeth outside, lipstick on young girls *gasp* – no rules just let your imagination go wild and you have that in bucket loads at your house!

  16. What a wonderful idea. Might just have to try this one morning! I bet the girls really loved it. We went to the park the other day and had a picnic and then let K play. (Pictures are on the blog if you’d like to check them out).

  17. I so want to do this with my kiddos. They would love it and I am pretty sure our dog would join in as well. Just have to wait till it cools down some as it is already 90+ by 8:30 am. Ugg makes for a long hot day.