Giveaway — Melissa & Doug Sand Toys Prize Pack!!

I wish you could have seen the joy on the girls’ faces when they opened a large box from our friends at Melissa & Doug FILLED with sand toys for us to review & giveaway — pure happiness!!!! I mean, what child wouldn’t absolutely LOVE to get a box filled with these lovely sand toys in the mail??

Mark and I totally surprised the girls with a trip to a nearby state park with a lake and large man-made sandy beach — they had a BLAST with these! The sand “baking” sets were particularly awesome because we are huge fans of pretend play, and it kept the girls happily occupied for hours!

Emily enjoyed “baking” lots of sand cakes….

…and Clara “baked” batch after batch of sand cupcakes!

I was particularly impressed with the quality of these Melissa & Doug sand toys — they are made to last! We’re hoping to use them year after year for lots of happy beach/sandbox memories.

The smiles didn’t stop all afternoon — great fun!!!

Now the fun part — one VERY lucky reader will win this same sand toy prize pack from Melissa & Doug!! To enter for your chance to win, leave a comment on this post telling us about your favorite Summer time memory! Giveaway is open to all US residents, and winner will be chosen at random & contacted via email. Giveaway ends Saturday, July 9th @ 6:30pm EST. For extra entries, you can follow us on Twitter (I’d love to connect with you there!)Β or subscribe to our feed (because it is fun & you won’t miss any updates)– just be sure to leave a comment for each entry!

Good luck and a BIG thank you to Melissa & Doug for sponsoring this super-fun giveaway!!

Giveaway is now closed. The winner is… Jessica F. Congratulations and a big thank you to everyone who entered this fun giveaway!! Another great giveaway starts soon!


  1. My girls would absolutley LOVE these sand toys. Not only my two, but the four I babysit are huge on pretend play – especially when it comes to baked goods. There is NOTHING cuter than a cupcake – even one made from mud!

    Favorite summertime memory just has to be the first time we took T camping. She was only one, but had the most fabulous time. Looking at the world through her wondering eyes helped us to experience every bug and blade of grass with a new sense of wonder. I can’t wait until we go again this year – and this time we have a brand-new one year old to take!

  2. Our most recent favorite summertime memories come from a new family tradition our family has created — our family fire nights. We have a nice fire in the fire pot in the backyard and sing, do silly skits and drum in our backyard. It’s simple, lets us revel in the warm nights and outdoor sounds and feels festive everytime we do it.

  3. My Favorite summer memory would have to be 3 years ago when my First Born child was born! He was born at home, and it was a wonderful experience!

  4. girlsmama says

    Spending the week at the lake! Every summer we’d go for the week of my birthday! Camping, boating, biking, wonderful fun!

  5. girlsmama says

    I’m a subscriber!

  6. Camping at a lake about 2 hours from my parents house. We used to go with my aunts family and some friends, it is a really happy memory.

  7. We look forward to California, the beach and spending time with our California family every summer! These beach toys are stinkin’ adorable, by the way!

  8. after playing outside all day long, my dad would call us into the backyard and we’d all gather around as he’d peel oranges in a way that it came off in one peel… like one big corkscrew. he’d then give us pieces of oranges and move on to the next orange. simple but something i’ve always remembered.

  9. Jennifer Kaufman says

    those are incredible, and we are counting down the days to our twin girls’ first beach trip!

    My favorite summer memories center around introducing the same girls to our favorite traditions – theme park rides, beach, S’mores, etc. We are having more fun each summer creating new memories with them!

  10. Jennifer Kaufman says

    Following you on twitter now! (jnkaufman)

  11. … remembering attending Polka-fests with my grandmother πŸ™‚

  12. Jennifer Kaufman says

    And I subscribe – wouldn’t miss your great ideas.! πŸ™‚

  13. I am a subscriber!

  14. My girls would absolutely love this! My favorite summer time memory would blackberry picking for hrs!

  15. Those look like great toys- I love the colors!

    • Ack! I hit submit before I was ready! My favorite summer time memory is sitting on the front porch with my best friend eating sandwiches and drinking apple juice after running through the sprinklers. Bliss!

  16. My favorite summer memory is playing with my little brother on the beach in Sanibel. I would love to win this for my little girl!

  17. I’m a subscriber too!

  18. My favorite summertime memory is spending entire days in the pool and only getting out to eat Johnny’s Pizza that my grandmother would order for us kids. πŸ™‚

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  21. My two favorite memories were spending a week or two at my grandma’s house every summer. The first memory was swimming every day in her pool. My hair turned green every Summer from all that swimming.

    The second memory is the giant trees she had next to her property. They had really long, low laying branches and I would run, jump, and grab them and swing back and forth like a little tarzan girl. πŸ˜‰

  22. Canoeing around the lake by myself

  23. I subscribe to your feed. Thanks for hosting. I Love melissa & dough πŸ™‚

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  25. We love going to our nearby lake and enjoying the sun, sand, and water!

  26. I suscribe to your blog and I love it!!

  27. These look so cute! Our favorite memory is having pizza on the beach with out whole extended family!

  28. I grew up in Los Angeles, but every summer of my life we spent 4 weeks in NJ visiting my Aunt and my seven male cousins. We would spend 2 of those weeks at LBI at the jersey shore. (No, not the tv show version!) Crabbing, chasing lighting bugs, building sand forts, tubing, fishing, etc etc. Summer and the smell of bar-b-que and the taste of watermelon always allows me to feel nostalgic!

    Now we live in NC and are right by the crystal coast and the river. My son spends HOURS at the sand, digging, throwing, filling… I love Melissa and Doug. This would be a year round toy for my son!

  29. That is a great looking set. I especially like the cupcake making tools.

    I am not sure if I have one favorite summer memory. My summers were filled with visits to my grandparents camp on a lake and camping in the white mountains with my father and just playing outside with my friends. It was all so wonderful.

  30. i subscribed to your feed, as well. πŸ™‚

  31. We love Melissa and Doug. My favorite summer time memory is camping at La Jolla Indian Res.

  32. My favorite summer time activity is catching lightning bugs. I’ve only ever seen one in my area now though. πŸ™

  33. we love the beach! we try to make it once a month so the girls will remember through out the year!

  34. i now am a subscriber πŸ™‚

  35. Emma Apple says

    How fun! I subscribed and am following on twitter (@bluehijabday) πŸ˜€

  36. My favorite summertime memory from childhood was playing outside in the woods with my friends. We would create an entire world out there, and spend all day just playing!

  37. I have had my eyes on these M&D sand toys for a long time!! It’s great to hear that they are as fun as they look. My favorite summertime memory is going “down the shore” with my family (I grew up in New Jersey). To this day, I look forward to spending summer days on the beach!

  38. I am a subscriber! πŸ™‚

  39. My favorite summertime memory is huckleberry picking with my parents while camping.

    The M&D toys look amazing! πŸ™‚

  40. Best summertime memory = homemade kook-aid popsicles

  41. MichelleH says

    My daughter would love this for our end of summer beach trip. She loves pretend baking, so doing it beach-style would be perfect.

    Our favorite summer memories are the ‘repeats’, time at the pool, frozen custard stand, drive-in movie, grilling brats and catching fireflies, fireworks, baseball games, etc, all family time outside.

  42. MichelleH says

    I’m an email subscriber.

  43. AnnaLucia says

    I will never ever forget the many hours spent rowing myself around a small lake we lived on near Winter Park, FL. I had a daily mission to row out and around to “collect” my baby sister’s panties. She had a bottom-less play pen set out on the sandy beach and when she got sand in her panties, she’d take them off and fling them into the lake. My funny mother was forever putting more on her and thus my being the panty “hunter and gatherer”. Oh the fun-filled life of a child!!!

  44. I think my best summer memory was talking my twins to the beach for the first time when they were about 1.5yrs.
    My boys are now 3.5 and would love these toys.

  45. I love these!

    Last Labor Day my family when to the beach with my parents & my brother’s family. The last night my DH was going to make formal beach pictures, but instead we played in the water until dark. The pictures that my husband took were a true reflection of my family & will be a vivid memory of fun times with the Grands & cousins.

    I have the most fun seeing my kids have fun with family & friends.

  46. Shannon C. says

    favorite summer memory:: no school! ;] [i’m one of those moms that like having her kids home with her, totally weird, i know haha] the long days of unlimited options and time goes slower, i love it. my kids would definitely love this set at our many trips to the beach! thanks for this great givaway!

  47. Shannon C. says

    i’m subscribed to you!

  48. Shannon C. says

    i’m a “follower” on twitter! fingers crossed!

  49. Ok, I want those toys for ME! I love them!

    I grew up on the beach so my summers were spent in the sand and the sun…but some of my favorite memories were fishing off the pier. Ahhh…..

  50. I now follow you through reader…thanks!

  51. My favorite summer memory was from when my husband drove from Vancouver, BC to Fairbanks, Alaska (before the kids came along!) We camped the whole way, and it was gorgeous.

  52. My favorite memory comes from just week ago when my 22 month old daughter decided that she is no longer afraid of the beach.

  53. Our favorite summer memory is a day spent at the beach, whether the ocean or a lake. The beach is nourishing fun for us all.

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  55. My favorite summer memory is eating outside and catching fireflies!

  56. I LOVE you blog!!! We used to go to Sanibel Island every summer to go camping and shelling. The memories ar so strong, we are starting a vacation fund just so we can take our 3 girls to experience it.

  57. I subscribe via google reader.

  58. I have many favorite Summer time memories…many come from family vacations and showing cattle at the 4-H fair. I’d love these for my kiddos…we’re hoping to make it to the beach at least once this summer otherwise they’d be great for the sandbox πŸ™‚

  59. I subscribe πŸ™‚

  60. i subscribe too!

  61. my favorite summertime memory is simple. just the giggles and smiles on kids faces as they run through the sprinkler and play in the water together. love it! love summer!

  62. When I was growing up my neighbors and I would all go come out for night games. What a fun, healthy activity that I hope my kids will be able to participate in too!

  63. I subscribe you your blog!

  64. My favorite thing with my kids is watering the flowers/grass and spraying them with the water as they run around giggling and screaming. Such fun for everyone. Our elderly neighbor even pulls out his chair to watch and listen to the kids having fun.

  65. Sooo awesome! Looks like total fun!

  66. My favorite memory is gold panning with my dad while my mom and daughter play/build in the sand.

  67. These are adorable! My kids LOVE baking, so something like this would be a BIG hit! One of our favorite summer memories is camping. Always a good time.

  68. Subscribe to your feed. Wouldn’t want to miss a post!!!

  69. My favorite summertime memory is driving to GA from TX to visit my grandmother who lived in a very small town. The highlight of our trip was getting a huge grocery bag of GA peaches and playing outside the entire time we were there.

  70. Favorite memory – spending time at the beach and walking the boardwalk!

  71. My favorite summertime memories were going up north Michigan to visit my grandparents and hang out at the lake.

  72. My son would love these too. He loves to play in the dirt. πŸ˜‰ My favorite summer time memory has to be spending the time just kicking back and relaxing with the family. Spending time at the beach and watching the waves roll while we dig in the sand is also my favorite. πŸ™‚

  73. I follow you on twitter!

  74. I am an email subscriber!! πŸ™‚ Thanks for offering this!

  75. A favorite summertime memory is sitting on the front porch through many summer storms watching the lightning with my family. It’s extremely peaceful somehow, and I still love to sit out on the porch and wait out a storm and listen to all the animals who sing after it’s all over.

  76. Rita Haberstumpf says

    Taking my two little one’s to Rehoboth Beach, DE was one of the best memories for me.

  77. My favorite summer memories are just sitting on the beach and watching my kids play in the sand!

  78. I am subscribed by email

  79. making homemade ice cream in a coffee can!

  80. i follow you on twitter!

  81. My favorite memory is just the feeling of summer: Long days, warmth, nowhere pressing to be, damp clothes from lakes and sprinklers, dinners outside. I hope I can recreate that feeling for my kids as they grow up!

  82. My favorite Summer time memory is “Grass Houses”. Dad would always wait a little too long to mow the lawn so there were lots of grass clippings. We would form the grass clippings into walls and make a house with bedrooms, beds, bathrooms(& toilets!), living rooms, doors, windows and anything else you can think of. The funnest part really was designing the rooms. Oh, and the smell of freshly cut grass! It was devine. We were like little architects designing our perfect home. I hope in the future we have enough grass some day to make houses with my son so we can make memories together.

  83. erin zackey says

    oh there are so many summer memories, it’s hard to pick one, but beach play and jumping off the giant rope swing at the beach are high up there
    my kids and I spend a lot of time in the summer at our local beaches so these would be well loved!

  84. erin zackey says

    I subscribe, thank goodness! πŸ™‚

  85. M.F.Peterson says

    My favorite summer time memory is camping at Little Pine State Park with my family every summer growing up! So many memories!

  86. Favorite summertime memory is camping with my family in the Mountains of Colorado. Fishing, boating, hiking and ghost stories with cousins. Too much fun!

  87. I subscribe and am thankful for your site! Keep up the great work!

  88. Cortney B. says

    I loved my summer vacations to my grandparents house.

  89. Cortney B. says

    I follow the feed!

  90. My favorite memory (of this summer anyway!) was spending a week at the beach at Hilton Head and watching how excited my two year old was to see the “big water!”

  91. Okay, those cupcake “sand cake” makers are really awesome!!! Why didn’t they have those when I was a kid, and why didn’t I think of that. πŸ˜‰

  92. I’d love to be entered!

    My favorite summertime memory is getting together with my cousins every year at my grandparents and making marble runs out of recycled food containers and packaging.

  93. I also subscribe to your feed.

  94. How fun! My favorite summer memory was made this summer at the beach with my family!

  95. I love going to the beach with my kids and collecting shells and stones. Thanks!

  96. My favorite summertime memory is sliding in the mud. My mom would wet down the worn area in the side yard that was mostly dirt to make a good gooey mud. Then she’d let us put on old clothes and slide through. LOVE! My second favorite memory is playing in the rain in the summer. All the neighborhood kids would beg to do it when there was a chance of rain. We’d run around like crazy thinking it was the best thing ever! And it was!

  97. My favorite summer memories are of camping and the beach. I love everything about the beach: the sand, the water, the seashells, the tidepools, everything!!

  98. What a great giveaway. My favorite summer time memories were time spent at our timeshare with my Mom and Dad when we were growing up. It was up in NH and we would spend the whole week just hanging out as a family. I cherish those memories now that my Dad is no longer with us. It’s still a family tradition…my siblings and I take all our kids there for the week and spend it hanging out together. Thanks for the chance to win!

  99. My favorite summer time memory is camping with my family and we’re hoping to make our own memories with our first camping trip next weekend!

  100. I am a subscriber

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  103. Sarah O. says

    Awesome sand toys! My favorite memory is riding my float and “crashing” with the waves on the beach in Cape Cod!! Sometimes I still try but my adult body doesn’t do this as well any more!

  104. Jessica L says

    My favorite summer time memory was when I was young and used to go on vacation every summer with my parents. What I would give to do that again!

  105. My favorite memory is going to the water park with my grandparents when my brother and I were younger πŸ™‚

  106. I subscribe via google!

  107. Christina says

    Growing up, my favorite memory is spending a month of the summer with my grandparents. They lived on a farm and we would be outside from sun up to sun down. Having my grandma’s special treats, fishing with my grandpa and taking trips to the lake!

    With my kids now – I’d say camping and family ice cream for dinner nights (the kids love that!). Really, I enjoy every aspect of summer with my kids!

  108. Christina says

    I follow you on Twitter (@myangeleryn)

  109. Christina says

    email subscriber!

  110. Favorite summer memory…swimming in the pool as it’s getting dark outside. Watching the bats swoop down over the water…and watching fireflies dancing in the night.

  111. My favorite memory is summer camp, doing a whole big skit to a mash up!

  112. Oh, so fun! A favorite summertime memory was watching my little boy, just two, eat his first Popsicle! He was so excited! And I always love watching the fireflies…

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  115. My favorite summer memory is catching fireflies in a big jar and letting them go in my room so I would feel like I was sleeping outside. Of course mom had me recatch them and let them go home to their families πŸ™‚

  116. These are great. My favorite summertime memory is swimming in a local swimming hole, warming up on the sand, and eating PBJ sandwiches from our cooler!

  117. Amy Nielson says

    My favorite summer time memory is going to visit my cousins who lived by the beach and swimming in the ocean. We would also bury each other in the sand. Fun times!!

  118. Amy Nielson says

    I subscribe to your daily emails.

  119. Adrienne says

    I loved hanging out at the pool all day trying to beat the Texas heat.

  120. I have to say my favorite summertime memory was last summer when we took Kalyssa camping down in North Carolina on vacation! She loved it so much that she keeps asking to do it over and over.

  121. I subscribe to your blog

  122. Also follow you on twitter πŸ™‚

  123. Emma has the cupcake set and it is an enormous hit!!!!! I love watching her and all her little friends make cupcakes and “sell” them to each other. Too cute

  124. I am following you on Twitter.

  125. I subscribe to fffb.

  126. These would be perfect for my little girls sandbox.

    My favorite summer memories are the summers I spent at camp. Especially Christmas in July, when my favorite counselors would come around caroling and giving me hugs.

  127. Fun giveaway! My kids would love these! My favorite memory is just hanging out on hot summer nights with my friends knowing I didn’t have to get up early to go to school!

  128. Jennifer says

    I don’t know if I could pick just one. Summertime was always so fun and memorable–from the swim club we belonged to, to the summer cookouts, the family trip to the mountains with the cousins, our immediate family trip to the mountains or the lake,…it seems the list goes on. I am so blessed to be able to stay at home and try to make my daughter’s (and very soon my son)as laid back, fun, and memorable as mine!

  129. Danielle says

    My favorite childhood summer memory happened every year. We would go down to the Jersey shore and camp in the same campground. There was a little swimming lake with an island in the middle that we could swim out and jump off. So many fun times!! I can’t wait to bring my girls camping!

  130. these toys are too cute! I have a lot of great memories of summer from when I was younger. One of my favorites was our annual camping trip. It was the one time of the year we were allowed sugary cereal. We had so much fun playing at the beach and looking for frogs and turtles.

  131. For me it was camping with my parents in our RV…we traveling everywhere with a few states over and had great times as a family.

  132. Jessica Fairclough says

    My favorite summer time memories are days like today. My family LOVES the summer and we love the beach. We love loading up the car and heading to a different beach each weekend. We will spend all day playing in the sand, jumping the ways, cuddles, giggles, snacks….I always love the ride home from the beach because the girls fall asleep in the back & my husband and I rolled down the windows and just enjoy the beautiful drive.

  133. Jessica Fairclough says

    I am following you on Twitter!!

  134. Catherine says

    Love the sand toys. One favorite summertime memory was catching crabs at the beach one year.

  135. My favorite summertime memory was celebrating my 40th birthday at the zoo!

  136. One of my best summertime memories is spending day after day after day, year after year, with my mom at the public pool. I always loved going, and she would get both of us passes every year. So fun!

  137. I’m also a feed subscriber!

  138. feet in the lake with my Mama close at hand — what better? i love being that person for my own children now. i love your blog and subscribe via google reader. those m & d sand toys look wonderful!

  139. I fondly remember catching fireflies with my sisters.

  140. I subscribe via Google Reader.

  141. Kristin B says

    Fun-filled trips to the neighborhood pool with my little girl, and feeling so lucky to be a stay-at-home Mama.

  142. Kristin B says

    I now follow on Twitter!

  143. Kristin B says

    I subscribe to your feed in Google Reader…does that count? Either way, I never miss a post! I just made the giant bubble wand yesterday, and it was a big hit at the playdate.

  144. Oh what a great giveaway. I love the pictures and the story of the fun time the girls had with these toys. My favorite memory of the summer is when we took Nick [my son] to Cape Canaveral, FL. He was only 10 months and had such a blast at the beach and at the pool. He learned how to climb up the baby pool slide.

  145. Kimberly says

    When I was a child my favorite thing to do was feed the seagulls at the beach.

  146. Favorite summer memory for me is swimming in the neighbor’s pool. He was a really nice gentleman that let all the kids in the neighborhood use his pool.

  147. I am a subscriber.

  148. following you on twitter now!

  149. Catching lightening bugs, eating honeysuckle, playing by the creek, diving under waves in the ocean, watching shooting stars on the beach at night…ooohh there’s so many favorites!

  150. elyse kirschner says

    Our favorite summer memory is heading to the beach!

  151. My favorite memory is making homemade ice cream with the cousins.

  152. I follow you on twitter

  153. Jennifer S says

    Our favorite summer time memory is going to Disney with our daughter. It rained everyday but we had the best time and it was our first family vacation together.

  154. every summer we go to northern michigan with my whole family and extended family. i love watching my kids play in the sand at petosky state park beach with all their cousins and build sand castles. this set would make an excellent addition to our annual trip this aug.

  155. My favorite summer memory is our camping trips to the national forest. I wasn’t a huge fan of them at the time, but now that he’s gone; I really treasure those memories.

  156. One of my favorite summer memories is walking 2 miles to the ice cream stand with my sisters.

    My kids would love these toys! Thank you for the chance to win!

  157. Catching lightning bugs in the back yard for with my best friend.

  158. i subscribed to your blog!

  159. One of my favorite summer memories is the beach trips we took every summer with extended family.

  160. Michele R. says

    My favorite summer memory is the time we all spend together, whether at the playground, swimming pool or just riding bikes!

  161. My favorite memories are softball, koolaid, grandma’s homemade chocolate chip cookies, catching fireflies in a jar, camping out in our backyard and just being lazy playing on the swingset!

  162. My favorite summer memory is hours of sidewalk chalk painting and water play fun with my two little ones.

    I also remember my father taking us on weekend trips to Yellowstone.

  163. I am a subscriber {and a big fan}!

  164. So far my favorite memory this summer is watching DD go off the diving board for the first time without her life jacket and now anticipating her taking her swim test to be able to go on the deep side all the time.

  165. Subscribe to your feed through email.

  166. Follow you and MelissaandDoug on Twitter.

  167. Nanny Judy says

    Aaaagh, those are seriously cute!! My memories of growing up was playing in the woods and building treehouses with lumber supplied by the neighbor kid’s father.

  168. Teddie Pesch says

    These are awesome and I know my two little ones would love them! I love taking my kids to the beach and them finding things. My favorite memory from being a kid was going to Key west with my family 2x a year, we’d play at the pool and beach with my mom and my Dad taught SCUBA.

  169. Soo cute! My son would seriously love these! My favorite memory this summer so far is walking to the library with my son.

  170. Favorite memory – camping with my family of 5 growing up in our pop up trailer!

  171. I subscribe to your feed

  172. This is a fabulous idea! I love the muffin tops!

    When I was a kid, my favorite thing to do was to ride my bike to the local pool and swim all day! I also loved camping with my family. Now, with my kid, we love to go berry picking!

  173. I also subscribe to your feed!

  174. Wrapping myself in my grandmother’s handmade hammock for a lazy, summer afternoon. Ahhhhh.

  175. Those look fantastic! Favorite summer memories involve camping on a lake with lots of cousins. So fun.

  176. I subscribe to your RSS feed. Thanks!

  177. one of my favorite summertime memories is going camping with my best friend in washington. she passed away 10 years ago this december and i still think of those camping trips so fondly.

  178. We live near the beach and these would be a wonderful addition to our toys. I used to love camping with my friend Jennie and her family for weeks at Jackson, CA. It was a wonderful time!

  179. I subscribe to your emails – rss!

  180. My little girl would love these. She loves to play in the sand and loves to pretend play so this is something she would really enjoy. As a s
    Child my favorite summer memory is going camping every weekend and playing softball with all of the other regular camper kids. Now ilove to spend the days at the beach playing in the sand and waves with the kids.

  181. I’m an email subscriber

  182. Playing at the beach and decorating my sand castles with seashells. Another one is hiking in the mountains and picking wild strawberries.

  183. My favorite summertime memory is the time spent at my cousins place. We used to stage little plays for our parents to watch at the end of the day. the story planning and costumes were so much fun!!

  184. I subscribe to ur posts via rss.

  185. My favorite memory is taking my kids to the beach and putting them on the carousel for the first time!

  186. My favorite Summer memory is going to the weekly movies with my brothers, sister and mom.

  187. I follow your feed!

  188. My favorite summer memories all surround my family driving from New Jersey to Virginia – riding a ferry across the river, then visiting historical sites in Virginia and enjoying days at Bush Gardens!

  189. Marianne E says

    I saw these in the store and I know my girls would love them! My favorite memory is spending an hour or two at the pool every day during the summer. My dad was a teacher so he was out all summer too. Great memories with my dad!

  190. Love, love LOVE the cupcake molds!! My son would go nuts over these. (I must have a baker on my hands!)

    One of my favorite summer memories is practicing my pitching / catching against a wall in my backyard, swinging on a homemade tire swing, and climbing said tree. I guess I was a bit of a tomboy!

  191. I’ve really been enjoying watching sunsets on our beautiful beaches in Tampa Bay with my family. I love watching my boys splash in the water and laugh their little heads off.

  192. I’ve been following you on Twitter via @JennLikesIt and we’ve already connected there. It’s been nice chatting with you.

  193. I just subscribed to your feed too!

  194. Melissa White says

    Funniest memory of the beach…. last summer with hubby, our 2 kiddies and my dad. My dad had a few drinks and threw my daughters ball into the water thinking cos the tide was coming in the waves would bring it straight back up….. didnt happen. Natalie (3_ stood with hands on hips telling Grandad off and that he better buy her a new ball and even to this day still remembers the day Grandad threw her pink flowery ball into the ocean with tears in her eyes… bless

  195. This is a new tradition that I hope we will continue for years to come. Old to most people but it was new to us πŸ™‚
    We took the girls to the beach and they loved it so much (even better than Disney World) that we will go back again! They loved collecting sea shells, swimming in the warm water and playing with water fleas (ewww). They went on jet skis for the first time and LOVED that! We caught a crab of some kind briefly and saw a sting ray go by… Next time we can bring the cupcake molds πŸ˜‰

  196. My favorite summer memories are visiting our cabin in Northern Wisconsin…nothing beats time on the lake and around the campfire!

  197. My favorite summertime memories are watching the kids play in the sand at the beach!

  198. following you on twitter! (reichan906)

  199. I subscribe to the RSS feed!

  200. LauraLouToo says

    I love sleeping in in the summer πŸ™‚

  201. LauraLouToo says

    I already subscribe! πŸ™‚

  202. Drinking from the hose in the backyard. Nothing to do but play, run in the sprinkler, and have lunch in the grass!

  203. Enjoying the good weather with family and friends.

  204. My daughter’s first time going down a water slide – “Again!”

  205. Getting married πŸ™‚

  206. I’m already a subscriber.

  207. Jeannine Q says

    I love taking the little one to the beach. This prize would be perfect.

  208. Jeannine Q says

    I have been a long time follower πŸ™‚

  209. One of our favorite activities is camping.

  210. I follow you on twitter

  211. I subscribe to your blog via google reader

  212. I love following your blog.

  213. Today’s forth of July is definitely on my list for our best memory!

  214. Mama Sky says

    We are in the process of adopting our first child from foster care. He’s been with us for two years and last year we got to go to the beach, an annual trip, with him in tow. It was his first trip ever to the beach, and our first as parents.

    We spent days jumping waves and playing in the sand. And this year, we’re headed back! I. Cannot. Wait!

  215. LindaLea says

    My favorite summer memory is the birth of our 3rd son. He was born on July 3rd, and on the 4th, I held him while we watched fireworks out the window. Oddly enough, my second favorite summer memory also happened in a hospital and involved fireworks. When I was 9, I shattered my arm falling off a horse. I was in traction for 6 1/2 weeks. My parents lived quite a ways from town, and with other children and life, couldn’t be with me all the time at the hospital. The nurses were like family, and one of them – with her husband – came to visit on the 4th and wheeled my bed outside to watch the fireworks from the hospital lawn.

  216. LindaLea says

    I’m now following you on Twitter.

  217. I loved to catch lightning bugs… and I still do!

  218. Oh, and I follow your feed on Google Reader too. πŸ™‚

  219. My favorite summer memories are the simple things… playing in the sand, running through the sprinklers, my mom letting me run outside & play in a rain shower, and all the wonderful memories I’m making with my two girls!

    Thanks for a wonderful giveaway!!

  220. My favorite summer time memory is picking wild mushrooms and berries in my native country Belarus. I will date myself here and say that it was before Chernobyl disaster put a big fat end to mushroom picking.

  221. I subscribe and love your ideas!

  222. When I was around 8 years old, I went to visit my Aunt all by myself fours hours away. For the 4th, we went to the beach most of the day, then a baseball game, and then after the game they did a huge firework show. Even now that is the 4th that always come to mind.

    Thanks for the giveaway

  223. My favorite summer memory is taking my toddler to the beach for the first time – he ate 3 handfuls of sand -yuck! lol

  224. Going out on my in-laws house boat. We beach on the same beach that my husband ‘grew’ up on. All the families that he grew up with and their children still come back and we all beach together, now my children get to grow up with theirs. It’s a built in family…we love playing castle and building moats. Trying to catch waves, sitting by the campfire and finding stars at night, hiding little rocks and other treasures in the sand for treasure hunts. Swimming, swimming, swimming!

  225. I have great memories of taking a week-long vacation with my family every summer to NH. Mini-golf, breakfasts with my Dad, boat rides πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  226. I have two little ones and they would love this.

  227. Michelle says

    Going to Lake Tahoe and catching crawfish with hotdog bits. πŸ™‚

  228. Michelle says

    I already subscribe!

  229. Sharing my favorite summer activities with my son, like frozen orange juice pops on a hot day!

  230. One of the best memories was taking my son (now 3 1/2) on his first beach trip (8 months old at the time). This year, we’ll be taking our newest addition as well – she will be about 5 months for her first trip!

  231. I now follow you on Twitter. πŸ™‚

  232. S’mores on the campfire!

  233. My favorite summer memories are all of them with my daughter, just watching her explore new things outside is so amazing.

  234. I am following you on Twitter.

  235. These toys are adorable! My daughter would love them. When I was a kid,my family used to go beach camping in the summer, and my sisters and I would put on shows for all the other campers. We loved to climb the dunes, play in the ocean, and roast smores in the campsite.

  236. I subscribe to your blog through Google Reader as well:)

  237. I subscribe via GoogleReader. πŸ™‚

  238. Favorite summer memory is playing in the sprinkler with my little brother. πŸ™‚

  239. Swimming, playing along the shore, catching crayfish by hand, and fishing with poles along the docks.

  240. Follow you on facebook! Love it!

  241. Ashley B. Chandler says

    Summer memories… there are so many. I suppose the time I spent a summer church camp would be at the top of the list.

  242. Ashley B. Chandler says

    I’m a subscriber/follower.

  243. Oh, I have so many great summer memories! I’ll have to say my garden wedding 16 years ago was pretty awesome. πŸ™‚ Now my favorite memories are of my kids laughing and swimming and eating icecream and ………

  244. Sitting on the back porch eating watermelon with the kids and feeding the deer the rinds when we’re done. πŸ™‚

  245. GretchenP says

    i’m a subscriber! thanks for the giveaway! πŸ™‚

  246. GretchenP says

    MY favorite summer memory is the hanging out at the pool with friends. ..ahhh.. the good old days.. πŸ™‚

  247. the look on my kids faces when they hear the famous ice cream truck coming down the street.

  248. Kimberly says

    My favorite summer memory would have to be the week each summer that we got to spend at the lake. Sand, water, and tons of fun! Thanks for the chance to win!

  249. Melissa Foster says

    My favorite summer memories are the long sunny days spent paying outside. Also lots of ice cream, watermelon, strawberries, and fresh fruits and veggies from the farmers market.

  250. Visiting the pool! I am a water bug.

  251. A last minute trip to Priest Lake Idaho for 2 days of boat camping with our four young children. White sandy beaches, clear water and solitude. We brought our own toilet and packed it all out. I love it when it is just family

  252. Melissa Barnett says

    My favorite memory is from attending vacation Bible school and picnics on the church lawn.

  253. My favorite summertime memory is spending time with my family in Cape Cod. My boys would love these cooking sand toys! I am a subscriber. Happy Summer!

  254. We were free to run wild in the backyard and beyond. Priceless. Just free play!

  255. I subscribe in my google reader

  256. We love taking nature walks or feeding/chasing the ducks at the local park then cooling off with Snowcones =) This giveawway would be great for us as we are taking a family Vacation to the beach and getting to introduce the ocean for the very first time to our 2 girls 6 and 4.

  257. I am already a subscriber to your blog. (which I LOVE and use daily)

  258. I love sitting outside in the shade reading with the kids!

  259. Followed you on twitter

  260. So many great summertime memories…so hard to choose. My top three are camping with my grandparents, picking strawberries with Gramma, and going to the lake for the day and bringing a picnic lunch!!

  261. I also subscribe!!

  262. Following you on twitter

  263. Following you via google reader

  264. Taking kids to the park every evening or just going out for a walk after dinner

  265. Going to the beach with my daughter – she loves it there and I love seeing the pure joy on her face.

  266. HAVE been a follower for a while. Thanks for the giveaway.

  267. My son is 10 months, so this is our first summer together.. I am excited to start making summer memories. He already loves to swing in the tree swing we set up in our back yard!

  268. I already follow you on twitter (@kaleyhall) that is how I saw this giveaway!

  269. I just added you to my Google reader!

  270. My favorite summer memory is our annual vacation to “up north”. During my childhood this meant spending a week at a lake resort in Northern Minnesota. Into my adult life my parents still do this, but rent a lake home instead. It’s been awesome to take my kids and keep the tradition and memories going!

  271. Going to the beach! so much fun as a kid

  272. I read your feed in Google reader

  273. And I follow you on twitter (@kschierer)

  274. Christine says

    Looks like a terrific set! My 3 year old daughter would love it! My favorite summer memories are actually THIS summer I think. My daughter is at such a fun age and I love exploring and discovering with her!

  275. melissa Siglar says

    How exciting! Our favorite summer memories involve time at the Lake. πŸ™‚
    Happy Summer!!

  276. I’m following you on Twitter now. Excited to see what else your blog has to offer!

  277. Lucinda Bostick says

    My favorite Summer memory was a Saturday last July. We set up a water wonderland in our back yard for the kiddos, complete w/ water table, sprinkler, slip ‘n slide and baby pool. We also surprised them by setting up their new sand table. Our youngest was just 6 months old and she was too cute splashing in the water w/ her big brothers. My oldest, who was 4 at the time, called it his back yard beach. We got lots of pictures and had a whole lot of fun making Summertime memories that day. Unfortunately, my Mom passed away the next week unexpectedly. But that Saturday afternoon in the back yard w/ my family was my bright spot during that dark Summer.

  278. Camping…. Kids with no electronics….they are able to be out doing things kids should be doing. GREAT times with friends and good quality family time all around. πŸ™‚

  279. Hawaii! It was just a great feeling coming back to the place where we got married – 4 years later, this time with our 13 month old. Everyone had a great time. We’ll try to go back again this summer. That place has so much fun memories we’ll never forget!

  280. I love spending summers at our Aunt’s farm. My two year old loves splashing in the pool and when she’s tired of that, she runs around and chases the chickens.

  281. I’m following you on twitter (@lysa_24)

  282. The summer my son was 1. Watching his explore everything new outside. Our wading pool. The slides and swings at the park! Amazing to watch the innocence and splendor in the eye of a little boy!!!

  283. I follow your feed!

  284. Playing badminton with my daughters and trying to beat our record of times we hit it back and forth. Also, sitting around the campfire eating smores!

  285. Running in the sprinkler w/ my kids and taking my 3 1/2 year old son down his first water slide πŸ™‚

  286. Cookouts, fireworks and sleeping outside! Thanks for the give away.

  287. Tammy1409 says

    I love any time that I can relax and watch my kids having fun outdoors in the summer time. It just makes me so happy.

  288. Tammy1409 says

    I had seen these sand toys online and think they are just TOO CUTE!
    I just signed up as an email subscriber!

  289. This past 4th of July was one for the memory books – camping near waterfalls, swimming in the lake, just good times in nature with my family.

  290. Favorite summer memory – going to the beach of course! I follow on Facebook.

  291. Brenda I. says

    My favorite summer activity was getting my cattle ready and showing them at the fair.

  292. Brenda I. says

    I subscribed to Google Read feed.

  293. Ashley B says

    Oh my goodness, would my little boys love these toys. My favorite summertime memory would have to be playing “night games” like flashlight tag with friends in our remote and tiny town, and sleeping out on the “tramp” (trampoline) under the stars.

  294. Ashley B says

    And I just subscribed to your feed. Thanks! πŸ™‚

  295. My favorite summer memory is going for long bike rides at the beach in Cape May with my dad and my grandfather.

  296. Jumping on the trampoline with water was always fun!

  297. I subscribe via your feed. This would be fun!

  298. Catherine Sobieszczyk says

    Riding my bicycle and playing in the nearby creek and coverts until I absolutely had to be home. Then taking a bath and sleeping to the sounds of cicadas and the ocassional window air unit kicking in – love it!

  299. Riding our bikes to the pool. Was so great to get all hot and sweaty and then dive into the cool pool.


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