Around the Web — Made from Egg Cartons

Don’t throw those empty egg cartons in the recycling bin — craft with them first! Here are some inspiring and creative ways to reuse egg cartons for some inexpensive (if not free) crafting fun!!

Egg Carton Buttons from


Egg Carton Flower Wreath from


Egg Carton Sewing Kit from


Egg Carton Checker Set from


Beautiful Egg Carton Flowers from

For more frugal fun ideas with egg cartons (including sculptures, storage solutions, doll house furniture, and more!), visit our Made from Egg Cartons Pinterest Board. (Thanks, Yelena!!)

Have fun!!


  1. These are fantastic ideas! My 5yo son has “fallen in love” with one of his aunts high school friends and is asking to buy her flowers (LOL) every time we’re in the store – these flowers would be perfect for him to make and give to her!

  2. Dear Valerie,

    Are you asking me to bake more? Because I don’t think that we have nearly that many empty egg cartons.


  3. These look fantastic! Will have to start saving up my empty egg cartons to try some of these activities out 🙂

  4. THANK YOU! we buy eggs in the big cartons that hold like 48 and I could never think of anything to do with them, but now I do!!

  5. What wonderful ideas! I have oodles of empty egg cartons in the cupboard, just waiting for the “right” craft activity to come along! I especially love the wreath and the flowers…

  6. Thanks so much! we need indoor activities this week in broiling Texas!

  7. Hi! Thanks so much for including my egg carton wreath with all the other great egg carton projects! I would love to post your button on my featured page to let everyone know how to find this post but couldn’t find it. Probably just overlooking. Anyway, while looking, I am really impressed with your blog and am now following via Facebook. I hope maybe to share some more ideas with your readers in the future!