Summer Fun — Let’s Build a Road!

As a kid, I remember using my dad’s electrical tape to make elaborate playscapes for my younger brother in my parents’ basement. There was a small-scale basketball court, a soccer field, and plenty of race tracks that were made over & over again — good times!! This afternoon, Clara and I built our own roads along the sidewalk using black masking tape, match box cars, and some blocks. I love activities that use things we already have on-hand!!

The masking tape made for quick and easy straight roads!

We made some interesting bridges to go over and under with the blocks, and built a school and shopping center with them too.

Our little cars were very busy running lots of errands and racing around town! Lots of great imaginative play!!

Once we were done, Clara helped put away the blocks & cars, and the masking tape was super-easy to peel off for very quick clean-up.

Now if  you’ll excuse me, I’m off to build a parking garage……. Housework can wait for another day, yes??


  1. Dear Valerie,



  2. Stephanie says

    This is a great idea! My daughter loves playing with cars, but the most fascinating thing I noticed from your pictures is your little one playing outside and sitting in the grass in a white skirt- you are one brave Momma!

  3. What fun! Sammy would love this!

  4. Great idea!

    Word Press did not think that was a long enough comment – picky, picky!

  5. How fun! It’s way too hot to play outside here, but this could be an indoor project too!

  6. Fabulous! Looks like Clara had a blast!

    And housework can ALWAYS wait 😉

  7. We did this using sidewalk chalk to create our road. Think the boys would LOVE using tape. Thanks for sharing!

  8. How awesome is that???? Love it!!! Actually …I love all of your ideas!!!!

  9. Oh, how fun to do it outside! You are such a child inside – I am jealous!

  10. Love it! We love to build and create with all kinds of tape also! I think we will do this fun project this week! =)

  11. What a great idea, you’ve inspired me so much over the past year I awarded you an award.

  12. fun! i love bring finding ways to bring toys outside! Looks like fun!

  13. I love your road. It could be done inside or outside. Genius!

  14. You are just full of great ideas, thanks for sharing them. I love how you even made the road go up over the blocks.

  15. Awesome! I didn’t know they made black masking tape!

  16. oh, a great idea for my busy boys! they’ll love it-

  17. this would be awesome for my boys, they love cars, blocks, sidewalk chalk and plenty of sun fun!


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