Giveaway — Stonyfield Party Prize Pack

I am SO excited to be hosting this super-fun giveaway from my friends at Stonyfield!!! Did you know that they have NEW organic frozen yogurt novelty bars?? They are dipped in dark chocolate, are cheaper than going out for ice cream, and they’re organic! So, no high fructose corn syrup, no synthetic growth hormones, and no persistent pesticides in these delicious treats! Also?? They contain live active yogurt cultures!

Recently, I visited The Daily Buzz to show some crafts the kiddos can make by reusing the packaging from these. We made bubble wands, kites, and a pretend play stove to keep kids active and busy this Summer. It was SO much FUN!! You can view the clip (sponsored by Stonyfield) here:

Now the fun part — Stonyfield is giving away a prize pack to put together your own yogurt-themed party this Summer!! One very lucky Frugal Family Fun Blog reader will win a $100 gift card for Michael’s craft store (think of all the great party supplies you could make with that — reusable banners, tablecloths, napkins, etc.) along with $100 worth of vouchers for FREE 32oz. Stonyfield organic yogurt and FREE Stonyfield organic frozen yogurt novelty bars!!! You’ll have plenty of organic yogurt for a make-your-own yogurt parfait party! Giveaway is open to US residents only.

To enter for your chance to win, leave a comment on this post telling us what special occasion you plan to celebrate with your yogurt party! The last day of school, a birthday, a neighborhood block party — anything goes! We’ll be celebrating Clara’s birthday next weekend, so be sure to come back and see what we did with this same prize pack from Stonyfield!! Winner will be chosen at random and giveaway ends Saturday, June 25th @ 6:30pm EST.

Good luck!!

Giveaway is now closed, and the winner is….. Emily F!! Congratulations and a BIG thank you to everyone who entered!! Join us on Twitter Wednesday, June 29th @ 8pm EST for a fun Stonyfield Twitter Party where we’re giving away more fun prizes!! More details here!


  1. We will be celebrating Going Back to School!!! My daughter starts Kindergarten this fall & our neighbor girls have been hanging out with us this summer. What a great way to cap off the summer right!

  2. My little guy’s birthday is in July – we’re probably just going to have a messy play theme as it’s hot and they’ll end up in the water eventually. But my daughter likes to have themed playdates too. I think it will be well used here. ; )

  3. My younger daughter turns 2 in early August and we would love to celebrate with a homemade frozen yogurt cake!

  4. In October we will be celebrating the birthdays of both of my kids PLUS having another baby. I think these prizes are awesome! (We’d also make some smoothies and freeze pops with the yogurt for simple summer celebrations!)

  5. We will celebrate the birth of our new baby!

  6. My youngest will be having her 8th birthday in October.
    I think it would also be fun to have a return to school celebration to get the kids excited about returning to school in August when it is still so hot!!

  7. This would be great for my son’s upcoming birthday!

  8. I would use this to throw a big party for our MOMS Club!

  9. Shannon C. says

    wow, this would be perfect for our annual “kids day” [like mother’s day and father’s day]at the end of july! my son and daughter get to set the terms on activites, food, time, etc on this day and they love it! they both love being creative and artistic so they would love, love, love their own little shopping spree at michaels! and frozen yogurt is always welcome anytime at our house haha thanks for this great opportunity! fingers crossed!

  10. Lisa Clinger says

    We are having a family reunion this summer. I have a very large family and we all live literally all over the world. We haven’t seen eachother in 3 years. There are 28 children between us, so it will be exciting to meet and play with nieces and nephew that I haven’t even met. These yummy desserts would be a fabulous addition to the reunion!!

  11. Awesome! We have three birthdays this summer, so we could do any of them, but my four-year-old would especially love all the frozen yogurt!

  12. This would be great to use for the daisy girl scout troop that co-lead. We could have a mid-summer party for the girls.

  13. id celebrate the end of school and the beginning of summer!!!

  14. The Fourth of July! We’ll finally be in our new home and would love to have a party celebrating it 🙂

  15. We’ll be celebrating my son’s first day of preschool. We live far from relatives, so we’ll be taking advantage of having everyone together to throw this party.

  16. This is seriously my dream prize pack!!! We would celebrate Lily’s second birthday, and probably have some left over to celebrate starting school this fall!

  17. Ashley Lindberg says

    I am planning my daughters first birthday party! This would be great!

  18. Well we just celebrated both kid’s birthday, but I think this would be great to have with the track and field day we will be celebrating this summer! All the kids are 5 and under and will be having fun with three-legged races, balance beams, and toss games. What fun to cool off with frozen yogurt pops!!

  19. So many things to celebrate this summer…Fourth of July…swim lessons…my own birthday…lightening bugs…afternoons at the pool…vacation in the OBX. Celebrating life! 🙂

  20. Michelle says

    We would have back to school party… Several of the kids in our play group start kindergarten this year…

  21. This would be awesome for a Fourth of July party!

  22. I recently hosted a mini highschool reunion at my house. Not my entire graduating class, but a small group of friends from my high school years. We haven’t seen each other in a long time and have such a great time seeing each other, we all want to do it again. This Stonyfield prize pack would be a great addition to the party/reunion!!!

  23. Catherine says

    Great givewaway! I could use this for my daughter’s 8th birthday, or I could use it for back to school with my PTA. Wouldn’t the kids at our elementary school be surprised to have a back to school bash at the first PTA meeting?!

  24. I would love to win this prize pack so I could throw an awesome combined birthday party for my ds, dd & their friends. Their b-days are in early August. Thanks!! 🙂

  25. I would use it for my husband’s birthday…July 31st! 🙂

  26. My 2yo will turn 3 in august, can’t think of a better thing to eat then!

  27. This would make a fabulous celebration for the first day of preschool! The little ones would have a blast!

  28. so many things! I am teaching a nature based outdoor summer camp so maybe I’d treat the kids! It would be a great way to stay in our “green theme” and be a good catalyst for a conversation about organize and sustainability.

  29. We would LOVE to use these for our daughters combination 18th birthday/graduation from homeschooling party!!

  30. Conversation about *organics*. Although most eight year olds could use a lesson on organization as well.

  31. We just finished with birthdays but there are lots of fun events on the horizon – 4th of July, start of kindergarten, and just because parties!

  32. My local MOMS Club will be closing out our fiscal year in July. We’re having a BBQ with all the families to celebrate a great year of service to our community. We put together a great cookbook to sell this year, all proceeds going to a mother to mother fund. The BBQ will be potluck, everyone bringing recipes from the cookbook. These yogurt Pops would be a great dessert and a great treat for all out hard work. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  33. My daughter’s 5th birthday! Or the 4th of July! Or a Saturday! lol Any day is a good day to have a fun party!

  34. I would absolutely LOVE to win this. We adore that yogurt and of course crafting. MY little gal’s birthday is in JUly. We’d use it then. How fun

  35. My grandma’s 87th birthday is Sept 4. What a cool and refreshing yet simple way to celebrate her birthday!

  36. my boys love yogurt, or yogo as we call it, and they both have a birthday in the same summer month. what a perfect way to celebrate this year!

  37. We have 3 summer birthdays so we would celebrate that way!

  38. My son has a summer birthday – this would be great!!!

  39. I’d use it to host a neighborhood outdoor movie night.

  40. Andrea Schoenherr says

    We’d have a thank you party for all of our wonderful new neighbors that so kindly welcomed us to the neighborhood. The kids would love it!

  41. You have to have a reason to celebrate? Hmmm…it looks to me like a pack like that could make any day a party 🙂

  42. We’ll be having a back to school party for my two school aged boys (my oldest is off to middle school in the fall) and their friends with a huge (60 feet long) slip-n-slide as the star attraction. I was planning to serve popcicles and freezies, but would love to serve frozen yogurt and smoothies–YUM!
    Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  43. We’ll be celebrating our daughter’s 3rd birthday, and it will be her first birthday in the US since coming home from China. What a great celebration it will be!

  44. we love each other celebration! 🙂 of course there’s the 4th coming up, the 24th (a holiday here in Utah) and then my birthday in august! Thanks for the great giveaway and ideas.

  45. i would celebrate the first day of school with my new class. The kids would love it!

  46. It would be fun to have a neighborhood party!

  47. This would be awesome for either a “going away” or a “welcome to the neighborhood” party this summer since we are moving! My DD7 is especially nervous about making new friends and this would be a great ice-breaker get-together.

  48. I would use the party pack for my son, Teo’s 2nd birthday party.

  49. I’d use it for my daughter’s 7th birthday party! Woo hoo!

  50. I would use it to celebrate summer and family!

  51. A pool party – we just had a new pool put in and would love to have a theme party to ‘break it in’!

  52. I think we’d have an art party to make lots of creative things with my daughter and her friends!

  53. I would love to win and use the coupons to host the 3 upcoming birthday parties for my 3 children!

  54. Shawndi P. says

    We would celebrate my birthday with this prize pack. I turn 21 this year and my kids LOVE stonyfield treats! I plan to cook out so this prize pack would be great! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  55. With five kids, EVERY DAY is a party around here! It would be fun to use these to celebrate with our 4-H group since we studied nutrition.

  56. Ahhhh this would be the most amazing thing!!! We’re having a birthday party for my soon to be 4 and soon to be 2 year old in August…one was born on the 11th, the other on the 14th…and lo and behold we’re having a baby girl on the 15th of August (we’re going to have a busy month) so not only would this be great for their birthday/welcome baby party..but it would sure be a nice treat for Mommy as 🙂 🙂 🙂

  57. Cortney B. says

    I would use it for 4th of July!

  58. The oldest of my three boys just graduated so we’ll be celebrating with a Graduation Party! Thanks for the chance to win!

  59. We’ll likely be having a going-away party since we’re moving to another state by Aug, so we’d love to celebrate with some crafts ad yummy treats! 🙂

  60. Oh wow, what a fun giveaway! I think we’d host a “We love Frugal Family Fun” party with our friends!

  61. My youngest is turning 3 this summer, so this would be so awesome for his birthday!!!

  62. As a codirector for a summer camp, a yogurt party would be a great way to end the summer!

  63. Erin Zackey says

    My daughter is also turning 3 this summer and we have a big party at the end of the summer, so there are sorts of options for when to celebrate!

  64. elyse kirschner says

    We will be celebrating the start of summer vacation! I love Stonyfield and it is the only brand I serve mt daughter. So excited about this giveaway!

  65. Jessica L says

    Those bars look delicious! We will be celebrating summer by going on our first family vacation in about 5 years. Later in the summer, we will have a double birthday party for my girls as they turn 2 and 4 🙂

  66. My sister-in-law is having her first child later this summer, so I would LOVE to bring her yogurt bars for her baby shower. She’s very health-minded, so these would be a PERFECT dessert for the event!

  67. Yum! I would celebrate my middle son’s 3rd birthday this summer!

  68. I would just love to celebrate my daughters first dance recital!!

  69. Wow this is perfect! We would use it for an incredible end to our Summer School Enrichment Class *One Day Wonders* where our children explore, create, imagine and play while upcycling and repurposing *trash*.

  70. Oh there’s a plethora of events to celebrate like birthdays, 4th. of July etc. but the one that has our house all excited is m 12 yr. olds. “Happy Brace Off Day!” scheduled for late July.

  71. Well I can’t enter but I just wanted to drop by and say:
    1. My computer is now virus-free and my internet is actually working.
    2. I no longer have to use the kids computer which freezes everytime I try to do “anything.”
    3. You are awesome and I missed you.
    Have to go back and read through archives – been getting most of the posts via email but I’m sure I missed some.

  72. We are going to have a bounce around day with trampolines, balls, pogo sticks and a bounce house. This pack would add to the fun… Thanks for the offer!

  73. I think I would have a late July 4th party with my family when they come up to meet my baby boy I’m having in the middle of July.

  74. We will have a celebrate summer party. I think we will set up the sprinklers and play some games.

  75. We have a crafting play group. So we would have a crafty activity and celebrate with yummy yogurt bars!!!

  76. We will have a “welcome home party” for our second baby in august!! thanks for the opportunity.

  77. I think that we would use it to do a celebration of end of summer, and beginning of School Party! My kids love yogurt! 🙂

  78. We moved here a year ago and my next door neighbor has been so great, helpful, and kind to us. Her husband is shipping out next week (in the Navy) and will miss 2 of their family birthdays again. I’d love to help make their days more special with this! Thanks for such a fun giveaway!

  79. We would love to have a Back to School party with the new frozen yogurts bars and yogurt. School starts up the third week of August and I’m sure all the neighborhood kids would love one more summer party before they head back.

  80. We would celebrate the end of the school year ANC my don’s 5 Th birthday. That kid loves yogurt.

  81. I think we would have a get together will all of our homeschool friends for a great summertime party!

  82. I would love this for our summer time fun celebration. My girls and I try to have a summer party (a big one) once a year…close to the beginning of summer vacation. I’d love to win this prize pack…and yes, I can think of a million ways to use that Micheal’s GC…and Ice cream coupons…and, and, and!!!

    Would love to win!

  83. I would love to use this for my son’s birthday party — he’ll be turning five and off to kindergarden in the fall (oh my!) and I LOVE Stonyfield farm products!

  84. This would be perfect for a kids celebration during our annual family vacation. (Think 12-14 small kids). I’d love to be able to splurge at Michaels and turn one day into a Yogurt Party!!

  85. Jan Niekamp says

    We will be celebrating not moving and my husband getting a job, so we won’t be without a home. We hope he gets to stay at his job if they hire him as a civilian. Crossing fingers,our kids want their dad back. So we can have a real summer, playing and not worrying.

  86. We will be celebrating my husband’s 40th birthday!

  87. My daughter’s 4th birthday!! We’re hoping to have a backyard, water play party and this would be a fun giveaway to win.

  88. Jessica T. says

    I would use these at our 4th of July picnic!

  89. This would be the perfect thing for getting my homeschool group together this summer – a little fun by the pool, a delicious treat, and good laughs. What fun!

  90. Would love to celebrate my hubby’s 40th with some icecream!!

  91. We will celebrate my daughters “un-birthday.” I figure every winter baby deserves a summer party every now and then! Thanks! Anne

  92. This would be perfect for my daughter’s second birthday in the end of July. I want to have a strawberry theme. Michael’s has some cute strawberry party items and frozen yogurt goes great with strawberries!!

  93. I would love to have a neighborhood party to get to know our neighbors more this summer 🙂

  94. We would celebrate SUMMER with our local MOMs Club friends. Thanks for the chance!

  95. What a fantastic giveaway. We would use this to celebrate my twins 3rd birthday party. Thanks for the opportunity!

  96. I would love to celebrate our first day back to homeschool but our oldest son wants a beach-themed birthday party and this would make great refreshments.

  97. We will be celebrating potty training success with my daughter (fingers crossed!)

  98. Claudine says

    Ok, Andie just took mine 🙂 I, too, hope to be celebrating my youngests potty training success! No more diapers…woo hoo!!!

  99. Wow! This looks fabulous!! I love Stonyfield! We are celebrating my daughters birthday next weekend, too. But that’s too soon for the party pack. So, I’m thinking we should also have a “beat the heat” party, with ice cream and lots of water balloons!

  100. Well, it will be my 4oth next week, and this would definitely make the day go down easier! LOVE STONEYFIELD!!

  101. Hmm, I think I would like to celebrate summer…I think just a fun summer party would be perfect for this Stonyfield prize pack!

  102. My son’s birthday is early October, and he loves Stonyfield … the perfect occasion for this party!

  103. I would use it to celebrate the first day of school in August! We will be homeschooling for the first time and we are thrilled!

  104. My husband just graduated from college so we will be having a family graduation party at the end of the summer both the michaels card for decorations and the frozen treats Will both come in handy! Thanks for the chance!

  105. We would celebrate a block party this summer!

  106. Jessica M. says

    I’d love to have a fun summer party for the kids- just for fun 🙂

  107. I’d have a party for the grandkids! Thanks!

  108. Michelle says

    We would celebrate the fourth of July.

  109. Hmmm… well July is celebrate a sunset with your love month, so the ice cream treats would be special then, but it’s also Gorgeous Grandma Day July 23rd and it’d be fun to make some beauty yogurt masks, while eating some yummy stuffy, but my favorite, is that it’s National Hug Your Kids Day July 20th, and my kids are of the age that they don’t necessarily like to snuggle – so this would ensure I’d get plenty of hugs!

  110. I would celebrate Summer with all my loved ones! Summertime memories are the best!

  111. We are celebrating hubby’s bday in July and the fact that it is summer! I would love to win!!

  112. Franziska says

    We would be using it to celebrate my daughter’s first birthday party!

  113. My youngest is turning 4 and I have no.clue what to do for his birthday – I tend to be a spur-of-the-moment mom hehe. I could do lots with this party pack!

  114. We are celebrating my daughters first birthday with a teddy bears picnic in the middle of July. This would be great to help make the day extra special!

  115. My husband’s birthday is coming up, and this would be great for him! We could make him some birthday gifts, which are the ones he loves best.

    Great segment on The Daily Buzz! We’ll be making some of the airplanes!

    anabidia @ yahoo dot com

  116. My kids love any reason to have a party, and my husband and I will be celebrating our 16th anniversary this summer! I think we’ll invite our family and friends over to share in the Stonyfield goodness!

  117. AmandaRuth says

    My Cousins 3 daughter are going to be coming over this summer so this would be a great idea for a summer party while they are visiting!

  118. Carolina says

    i would have a yogurt party for the fourth of july! simultaneously celebrating my brother’s return home from dental school!

  119. My best friend will be coming back to town to visit. Everyone in our circle of friends has children ranging from seven to two months. We will be having a party to celebrate all our years of friendship and the beginning of our children’s new friendships. What better way to celebrate….”healthy food, healthy people, and healthy planet!”

  120. Lucy Schramm says

    My dad and I share a birthday in July so we love to have a big celebration with the whole family from those over 60 to those under 2! We would love to enjoy Stonyfield Farm treats while doing it.

  121. We will celebrate the fourth of July and incorporate red, white and blue crafts! How fun! I looooove this blog.

  122. Oh, I love Stonyfield products–they’re the only yogurt that we buy. And I actually was hoping to find those pops at the grocery store last night, but sadly, they didn’t stock them yet.

    I’d definitely celebrate the birth of my second child in a few weeks. I might just have to eat all of them, as I LOVE dark chocolate.

  123. This would be a perfect reason to have a get-together just for the fun of it! All of my kids have birthdays in the winter. Now they could have friends over and play outside.

  124. We will host a back-to-school party. We have one junior in high school and one returning to college for her sophmore year. What better way to send them off?? Thanks for the great giveaway!

  125. I would love to have a block party. Our court keeps growing and growing with new families. It would be a wonderful way to get to know them all!

  126. We would love to have friends over to enjoy the brand new sandbox my son got for his birthday! Thanks!

  127. Decisions, decisions….we could use it at a “welcome to the neighborhood” party for our newest neighbors…we are getting neighbors who feel that organic foods are just as important as we do!that will make last minute cooking projects and sending kids across the street without worrying about what they will eat all the more possible. Yeah!!!!!!!!

  128. Mary Noman says

    How lucky are we!!!!! 4th of july of course.
    Can’t wait…. Thanks for the chance.
    ladefly@aol cot com

  129. Son’s 5th birthday

  130. How generous! I would probably incorporate the yogurt into one of our playdates! Thanks.

  131. My Husband is one of 9 & his entire family is getting together for the 4th of July (including Spouses, 27 grandchildren & 8 great grandchildren). I can only imagine the yummy appetizers, salads & desserts I can make with my favorite Stonyfield Non-fat French Vanilla. I haven’t seen the new Frozen yogurt novilty bars in my local Grocery store. What a treat they must be!!

  132. Can I be selfish and celebrate MY birthday? Middle of July is such a great time to enjoy these treats!!! 🙂

  133. Abbie Johnson says

    I really want to have a neighborhood movie night–get a projector and hang a sheet and watch a movie in the yard. These bars would be the perfect treat for all the kiddos in my neighborhood (and moms and dads too!)

  134. 4th of July – with lots of red things from Michael’s that we can reuse again for Christmas and Valentine’s Day! 🙂

  135. I would celebrate with a “finally got the a/c fixed” party.

  136. wow! exciting! my son turns 2 in a few weeks – we are already planning to celebrate so this giveaway would be ideal! thanks for the chance to win!

  137. We’ll be celebrating the summer birthdays of our daughters.

  138. Catherine Sobieszczyk says

    My two girls (2 yrs and 3.5 yrs. old) and I will host a neighborhood kid party later this summer when we are able to move back into our home, after months of renovations. We’ll do a garden theme, as a high school science teacher I’ll look forward to planning a summertime party for the many young working families in my neighborhood.

  139. Christine says

    We have two summer birthdays in our family to celebrate!

  140. A 60th, 3rd, and two 1st birtdays all being celebrated on the same day in July!

  141. Jennifer L says

    I have several options campers block party (we have an annual membership kinda thing) also family reunion and of coarse a HUGE back to school party… into the fall I was thinking of halloween party but IDK I have a few big ones already for the summer!!

  142. I’d love to use this to give my son a real birthday party! Due to circumstances we’ve been staying in a hotel for the last couple of months and I let his birthday slip by without celebrating. I’m not an awful mother, I promise! I do plan to give him some sort of party a little later in the summer. This would be great for that!

  143. Becca Cross says

    What an awesome prize, and my 3 kids LOVE Stonyfield products! Can’t wait to check out the bars…thanks!!

  144. LauraLouToo says

    I would celebrate the summer with some of my girlfriends! 🙂

  145. How about celebrating no more diapers! Whoo Hoo!

  146. i organize a mommy and me group. This would be a fun playdate for all of us.

  147. We will celebrate the beauty of summer, and being able to stay outside until late in the evening (and after hot Baltimore afternoons, frozen yogurt is PERFECT!)

  148. The frozen yogurt would help me celebrate the dog days of summer when it’s too hot to eat anything that’s not frozen!

  149. I think we would just celebrate summer! It’s the best time of the year!

  150. My daughter’s 1st birthday in early July 🙂

  151. Karen K. says

    The Party Prize Pack would be awesome for hosting a summer party for our co-op preschool class. We (heart) Stonyfield.

  152. We would have a neighborhood get together and share with our neighbors – like a mini block party : )

  153. Mom’s group party!

  154. Oh my goodness! How wonderful this would be! My son’s birthday is in July and this would be great! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  155. Hmm, maybe my parents’ anniversary? (40 years!) I’m not sure if I love my extended family that much, though! :>) Thanks for the chance –

  156. What a fantastic prize! My layoff is scheduled for next week. I think a “make lemonade out of lemons party” is in order!

  157. Ida Pearce says

    We will use it to celebrate my birthday in July… I never do anything special for myself and money is tight as a single mom and I’m a BIG fan of Stonyfield and Michael’s! This would be SUCH a BIG treat because they want me to have a party for my birthday (what kid doesn’t?) and I could do it without guilt! Hey – have you ever taken Stonyfield Banilla Yogurt and made a freezer pop – AWESOME TRY IT!

  158. We love Stonyfield products and we love Michaels, what a great giveaway! In our family three out of the four of us have birthdays between July 5 and July 12. It’s our big birthday week every year!

  159. Awesome give away! Although we all have birthday’s coming up, I would love to spend a day just celebrating all the many little blessings in our lives – like a summer version of Thanksgiving!

  160. A “just because it’s summer” get-together sounds like a good plan to me!

  161. Kerrie Mayans says

    This would be great as a last weekend of Summer party in August right before school starts back up.

  162. I would use this to have a summer just because party 🙂

  163. My roommate and I are both elementary school teachers. I love your website and helping her make crafts inspired by your frugal ideas:) We wanted to have a make-it-take-it crafting party with our other teacher friends this summer!

  164. We would have them for my daughter’s 4th birthday in July.

  165. Holy cow!!! What a great prize pack!!!

    We love Stonyfield at our house and always have something with their name on it in our fridge. I’d love to be able to celebrate my birthday with this prize (July 15.) We usually have a cookout and the entire neighborhood shows up. How fun it would be to serve smoothies and ice cream bars AND have crafts for the kids to do (maybe tie dyeing?!)
    ohmiss14 at yahoo dot com ☮

  166. Both my daughter and son have a birthday in August. We are doing a fancy tea party (well, more for my daughter but my son is only 2 and won’t mind) and frozen yogurt treats would be a perfect addition to the menu.

  167. We’d definately be throwing an end of summer gathering! My oldest starts school this year. 🙂

  168. Sarah S. says

    Ooh, fun! My (almost) 3-year-old’s birthday in August would be a great place to eat some delicious Stonyfield-ness. 🙂 Yummo!

  169. Lori Morrison-Contreras says

    We wukk be celebrating my daughters 4th birthday and our fifth wedding anniversary.

  170. I would be celebrating my sons 5th birthday. : )

  171. We will be celebrating my 30th birthday and the birth of my 4th baby, as well as my oldest turning 5 within a few weeks of each other. It will be a fun family and friend get together/BBQ/birthday party/meet the baby party all at once. It would be wonderful to have a healthy treat for everyone. What an awesome giveaway! 🙂

  172. My husband comes back from an 8 month deployment in a couple weeks! He didn’t want a huge party just 8-10 of our close friends. This would be perfect! We ALWAYS have yogurt in our fridge because my 2 yr old loves it and it’s good for the dog too!

  173. angelica hernandez says

    I would celebrate summer. I have two kids at home that enjoy parties and help mom couponing all the time. They deserve a fun time with family and friends while enjoying some yogurt!

  174. LauraBeth says

    We have two kiddos with birthdays coming up, so we’d most certainly use this prize pack to celebrate one (or both!) of those!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  175. My son will be turning 3 in August and he is a yogurt lover. Having a Stoneyfield yogurt party would be a perfect way to celebrate in the August heat here in NC! Not to mention, as a dietitian mommy, I am always on the lookout for fun, yet nutritious treats 🙂

  176. Lots of cookouts this summer with friends and family. These treats would be perfect!

  177. Chrissy C says

    We would use this great opportunity to host a birthday party for our 3 year old daughter. We are a family of 6 living on a single income with both sets of grandparents in the same town. This would give us that chance to throw on party right around her birthday instead of multiple parties depending on when we have the extra $.

  178. Jennifer says

    If we won I would use it for the big celebration we will be having in early fall. We are having our 2nd child this summer (2 1/2 weeks away), which is right around our anniversary. I turn 40 the month after our child is born and my husband turns 40 later in fall. We wanted to have the baby baptized in early fall and celebrate everything at once. We don’t live near any family so we thought a party celebrating everything would be great! And my 3 year old daughter would love it!! It would be 2 of her favorite things: seeing her family and FUN!

  179. Andrea G says

    this is going to sound weird (and give some of you the willies) but the townhouse we are renting is infested with Brown Recluse Spiders. We are frantically trying to find a house to rent. Once we do we really want to have a party celebrating a “Poisonous Spider-Free Home” 4 kids + poisonous spiders = me not sleeping. I need to celebrate once we get out of here!

  180. We Love neighborhood cookouts with all our friends. There are tons of kids, lots of laughter and it is what summer is made of here. We would love to use this for that!!

  181. Fourth of july celebration!! We will make “red white and blue” frozen yogurt pops by using the yogurt and freezing in blueberries and strawberries!

  182. Karen Douglass says

    I would love to have a party with my 2 grandaughters when they are here together. We only are able to have them together about once a month. This would be a lovely treat.

  183. My daughter’s fifth birthday!She does like cake, but she LOVES frozen yogurt!

  184. We will be celebrating time with our family next month. We do not get together that often. Our lives are so busy. So we set aside one day in July to get everyone together and go to the zoo. Looking forwards to seeingbthem all!

  185. Janelle L says

    We will be celebrating my daughter’s 3rd birthday. Summer birthdays in AZ can be so hot – love the thought of healthy ice cream and some fun crafting! 🙂

  186. Genna Haddad says

    We just finished up another year of Competition Dance Team, and the moms are talking about getting together for an end-of-the-year party. I would love to host a Stonyfield yogurt party for our little dancers!!

  187. Every year we have a birthday party and a summer BBQ for my Mom! Organic, healthy ice cream and yogurt would be perfect in this years theme!

  188. What an awesome giveaway!! We would use it to celebrate Juliette’s Second Birthday. Two things we love are crafts and yogurt (especially Stonyfield yogurt!!)